Nationals Baseball: Pre-emptive strike

Monday, August 30, 2010

Pre-emptive strike

Just a quick note today:

I haven't really heard anyone go down this path and I'm very happy about it, but just to make it clear, can we please have NO talk about only bad things happening to the Washington Nationals? That kind of "woe is me", "everthing goes bad for my team/town", "cursed" talk is the most annoying trend in fanbases. Almost every team loses a lot, has injuries, makes poor draft choices, goes through tough losses. These are common place. To act like your team somehow has more of these problems than everyone else is a pitiful cry for attention, a way to prove your team is special in some way. It's sad enough when people feed off the winning - as if the team's accomplishments somehow prove you are accomplished. It's mind boggling when fans do the opposite and seem to feed off the losing. Prove to everyone that the Nats fanbase is new and different and isn't going to give in to the stupidity.


Hoo said...

Hard to complain when you bring some stuff on yourself through cheapness. And of course the Nats got some luck in the Crow debacle.

The bad luck is that a slew of the young guns have needed serious shoulder surgery. In fact, the brightest stars have been shut down, Stras, ZNN, Smoker, McGeary to rattle a quick 4 in the last 2+ years. That's a lot of rebuilt ligaments in a very short window.

Bryan said...

Happens all the time:

Look at me! I'm different! In a way that is completely like other different people!

Bryan said...

Hoo -

Sucky teams need lots of good, young arms to succeed. Good, young arms are prone to breaking down.

Sucky teams tend to have lots of pitching injuries because that's the exact position they need and the nature of the position.

Harper said...

I think there might not even be a difference in injuries between the good teams and the suck teams. With the suck teams though you are always looking at these guys because that's where the help is coming. You linger on the bad. Good teams might get the same number of injuries but fans shrug their shoulders because it's not as important.