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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fantasy draft Nats

I know listening to other people talk about their fantasy teams is the worstestest but it does hold some interest in seeing how the Nats are being valued. Personally i ended up with 4 Nationals. Wilson Ramos (kept - its a keeper auction league) who's a steal, totally overpaid for Zimmerman ( again) and took dollar level fliers on Lidge and Lombardozzi The top 4 in the Nats rotation were kept along with Mike Morse, Drew Storen, Danny Espinosa, and Ian Desmond. Someone loved Bernadina and got him early and Werth was bid over with some interest. Clippard was bid on (thinking hed replace Storen - the fool!) H-Rod was gotten too for the same reason I pulled Lidge Only LaRoche had lukewarm interest.

Meaningless really but I did sense a lot more respect for the Nats this go around especially for the pitchers who were kept at not exactly bargain prices


brendan said...

Who do you think is gonna close with Storen out? Seems like you took the odds on Lidge?

Most likely both?

On the same note, how long do people think Storen is gonna be out?? They talk about him missing opening day, which would seem to imply that he'll be ready soon thereafter--missing what, only two potential appearances potentially--but the talk of who'll replace him makes me think he may be out for at least a few weeks.

Ollie said...

I'd be willing to bet closer by committee. Clippard, Lidge (if he's got enough left in the tank), and Rodriguez all seem capable of handling that on a given night, depending on who's best rested.

Donald said...

I think Johnson said he'd use Lidge and HRod. He wants to keep Clippard where he is. I think his quote was that moving Clippard to the closing role would just open a hole in the setup position that he'd have to solve.

Sec 204 Row H Seat 7 said...

Harper, I don't know much about fantasy sports in general or fantasy baseball in particular, but I take it that NATS players are being valued more than in the past. This is, indeed, good news.

Pig.Pen said...

Harper, I'm not sure if this is the best way to reach you, but I couldn't find another way, and was wondering if you were looking to add any writers to the blog? I'm looking for a place to write and blog about the Nats this year, but don't want to make yet another Nats blog. If you're interested, let me know how to get in touch with you and I can provide a writing sample or three.

Harper said...

Brendan, Ollie - I think it'll be Lidge. I think he was brought in in large part to be a trading chip come July, even if the Nats are in contention (assuming Storen and Clippard are healthy and pitching well and H-Rod or someone else has developed as planned). Closing him now will help sell that he can close later.

My guess would be a good month. Davey said mid-April but admitted he might be being optimistic. Given the depth there is no reason to rush him back.

Donald - that is what he said - the question I have is did he mean Clippard's versatility to pitch in any tough situation keeps him out the the 9th (brilliant) or does Davey want him solely as an 8th inning guy (just as dumb as putting him as just a 9th inning guy)

Sec 204 - Yep that's the feeling I wanted to get across. The Nats may not get there this year but the perception from the casual fans (no Nats fans in my fantasy group) is that almost everyone is a quality starter.

Pig.Pen - you can contact me at


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