Nationals Baseball: Media Breakdown

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Media Breakdown

Prediction before the one that matters (mine)

44 out of 44 playoffs
40 NL East Champs
18 NL Champs
12 World Series Champs

6 out of 6 playoffs
6 NL East Champs
2 NL Champs
2 World Series Champs

Sporting News
playoffs, NL East Champs

(playoffs/NL East undetermined)
1 of 2 NL Champs
1 World Series Champs

A lot like last year.


Chaz R said...

Good grief... not again... at least we don't have MW saying "World Series or bust"

Eric said...

Sorry, I have no idea how to interpret this... 44/44 playoffs? What does that mean?

Anonymous said...

Woo. Baseball!

Kenny B. said...

Let the jinx commence!

But seriously, happy opening day! As they say, today we're all undefeated. All we can do now is pray for health and enjoy the ride.

Harper said...

Eric - ESPN put out 44 "expert"'s picks for the 2014 season. All 44 had the Nats in the playoffs. Etc. etc.

Bjd1207 said...

First games gonna start before Harp gets his predictions in...I call shenanigans!!!

Sike - 94-68

Harper is the MVP discussion but doesn't win. Strong years from Stras and Ramos, bounced by Cards in NCLS (as much as I hate to say it)

Eric said...

Gotcha, thanks Harper.

Donald said...

Saw the line-up card for today. Not sure I really like it, but my guess is Williams will be experimenting for a bit to see what works. I do like Ramos in clean-up spot, though.


a m s said...

What to do with Zimm coming back.. for an optimal lineup I think moving Zimm to 3rd and Rendon to 2nd is preferable over sitting Harper, Span or Werth. That said there's a defensive sacrifice.

One thing I'm admittedly ignorant of.. the risk of Zimm injury in a demanding throw position like 3rd.

Also can't see it being wise to sit LaRoche unless you have a good lefty like Kershaw on the mound.