Nationals Baseball: Still nothing

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Still nothing

Free agency can be like a set of dominoes. Teams make plays for certain trade commodities and FAs and wait to see how that plays out. FAs wait to see where the top guys end up so they can figure out how to best get paid. There is usually some action early. Low level guys, the 3 million 1 yr or minor league contracts - tend to go whenever. Some teams get itchy triggers and will pay market value and if they match up with a FA who doesn't want to wait out the process you have yourselves an early big signing. But it is limited until the Winter Meetings.

Here are some recent dates
2016 : 12/4 - 12/8
2015 : 12/6 - 12/10
2014 : 12/7 - 12/10
2013 : 12/9 - 12/12
2012 : 12/3 - 12/6

In 2017 it begins on the 9th as well so our best comparison time wise is 2013. I don't see much in November.  Jason Vargas? Dan Haren? Hey! Javy Lopez was still playing!  There was a bunch of low level trades around the 3rd. We also have our first big signing then - Brian McCann, some more on the 4th Kazmir, Joe Nathan. But really the 7th was the start of things the Yankees grabbing Tanaka and (officially) Ellsbury culminating in the Robby Cano signing on the 12th.

So my take to you would be - we should hear a couple things go down in the next couple of days but there should be a run on activity as we hit Mon/Tues next week. If not, well then you can call the silence suspicious.

Reading material

ESPN took a look at the Nats and found the same needs we all see - get the pen piece, get a 5th starter, shore up the bench again, and sign Rendon long term if you are going to do it.

MLB's reporter (which you have to take as somewhat of a mouthpiece) says the Nats are fine with Difo starting if Murphy can't get back quickly. That's not terribly surprising. So don't expect a play for a MI who's really good. Instead expect a cheap MI who can play SS (and therefore could shift elsewhere as needed).  Twist my arm and I'll say JJ Hardy bc he's great in the field, he had a decent year two years ago, and he's played in Baltimore since 2011 and the appeal of staying in the area might mean he stays for cheaper than he might take elsewhere.


KW said...

I'm NOT fine starting Difo for any great length of time . . . but then I'm hoping to have Kendrick back on the bench, and he's the logical answer. The other idea I keep floating is to sign Cozart for utility in 2018 and as Murph's replacement going forward . . . if you believe that he's not a total product of the juiced ball.

Mick said...

Hallmark movies plz.

blovy8 said...

Cozart's 2017 seems fluky, and I wouldn't want to pay him the starting SS money he deserves leaving the pitching staff to the pennies leftover. Kendrick fits much better. He's still a decent 2b, a good 1b, can fake left field when someone needs a break and it's a lefty pitching. Won't cost a prospect in a trade, or more than a few million, and probably is too old to get a multiyear deal for much. I would love to get greedy and for other teams to leave Lind waiting until February again, and be able to sign him. The list of 1B is pretty long, who knows? Seems like Christmas is gonna be late for a lot of free agents.

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