Nationals Baseball: Big Weekend

Friday, March 16, 2018

Big Weekend

The Nats injury issues come to a head for the first time this weekend as I want to see Adam Eaton on the field by Monday. Good news is - we probably are going to see that  Assuming all goes to plan that would move Eaton along with the Opening Day start that we had hoped for but didn't expect going into Spring Training that they would be so careful setting up.

We'd love it as well if MAT showed up on the field this weekend too but as I noted last post that's not as necessary because MAT did get some real playing time in before tweaking his injury.

Another thing we'd love to see is Zimm doing anything with the team. Janes swears he's fine, but it's a "ignore all the circumstantial evidence and believe what you are told and what they show you" kind of swearing. The team says he's fine. He says he's fine. When he hits, he looks fine. He's not limping around or in a sling. But at the same time it was decided after one Spring Training game that Zimmerman would not field anymore, would not run anymore, and would not participate in anymore Spring Training games. He would only hit in the back fields for a few weeks. That's very suspicious.

Could one decide to break from what he's done before, what anyone has done before really, and only take batting practices? I gueesssssssssss. Spring Training isn't taxing if you don't want it to be and first base isn't a taxing position to play but I suppose you always prefer doing nothing over something. So maaaaaaaaaaaaayybe. But it's the one game played that really sets off my alarms. You decide something like this coming in I imagine. Talk to the team. Tell them this is what you'd like to do. Have them agree. They let the press know so they aren't hypothesizing injuries like we are now. You don't play a game then suddenly decide it.

Do I think Ryan misses Opening Day? I actually don't. I think he'll play. But do I think there's nothing wrong? Nope. I think there is something up and they are going to try to get through it without ever mentioning it.

Rizzo also admitted that Glover isn't progressing as they thought he might, which likely means a good long time out for Koda. As Koda was the 4th/5th/6th man up (depends how you slotted him, Enny, and Benoit) that doesn't mean that the Nats are going to go out and get someone else for 2018 . I'd be very surprised if they do in fact.  But that doesn't mean his injury doesn't have ramifications.

Glover was the Nats long term answer in the pen. Madson is a FA after this year. Kintzler is possibly one after this year* as well, definitely one after next. Glover was supposed to rise into a set-up and then likely a closing role. If he can't stay healthy the Nats will have to move on from that idea. But to who? Austin Adams is probably next in line but he's far from a sure thing. You could convert Erick Fedde but that would leave you with a zero SP prospects that would impact 2018 or 2019 (Romero and Crowe are late 2019 at the earliest) for a team struggling to fill a 5th spot now and with guys up for FA this year (Gio) and next (Roark). Wander Suero is a possibility... if he's healthy. With RP costs going through the roof as their roles expand I doubt Rizzo will want to rely on FA to fill the gap. The Nats will be an interesting position if they are still facing this issue at year's end. 

*His contract has an option for 2019 but the team option is for 10 million - which I don't see the Nats picking up unless Kintzler is amazing this year. However, he has his own option for 5 million. It's certainly possibly he picks that up. Or it's possible he goes for a multi-year deal elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like Benoit is at the end of his career and there is a noticeable droppoff in stuff. But at the same there have been solid reports about Trevor Gott, who was the number one piece when we traded Yunel. I think Gott actually has potential to be a solid righty out of the bullpen. He had a great number with the angels but has not really had enough of an opportunity in Washington. And i think i trust him more than Austin Adams who can lose control at any time

Bjd1207 said...

Gott sighting!! He flamed out pretty quick last year but his ST numbers are again looking great

sirc said...

It seems to be Rizzo's philosophy to lie to the press about injuries. It's hard to accept anything he says regarding updates on a player's status until that player is actually playing in games again. Except even then we have history to support they might still be lying (2013 Espinosa, 2016 Bryce, the past 5 years of Ryan).

We just can't know until they are playing games.

Robot said...

Yeah, if Rizzo is going so far as to admit that Koda isn't progressing, that makes me wonder if Koda is facing some terminal illness and might never be seen again.

Ole PBN said...

As Harper mentioned toward the end - with FA RP costs going through the roof - it's almost imperative that you develop SOME sort of talent internally in the pen. Glover was that talent. Too soon to write him off indefinitely, but it definitely raises a big question mark for answers beyond this season.

I like Wander Suero though, from what I've seen. Oh, he's hurt too? Woof.

sirc said...

Suero, Gott and Adams are promising arms from the right side. They each have a very good reason why it hasn't happened for them yet, and why they remain short of delivering on that promise. It's strange that the team has graduated, or is on the cusp of traduating, so many lefties in bullpen roles recently.

Josh Higham said...

In other news, brilliant analysis from Boz: "Yeah, so based on the evidence of an idea I had, Bryce Harper won't get a contract even as big as Stanton's and no one will be willing to give up a draft pick or international signing bonus money to get him, so the Nats will keep him no problem."