Nationals Baseball: Pudge wants 3000 hits

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Pudge wants 3000 hits

And I want a pony.

Smart money is on me.

No truth to the rumor that the Nats are giving up on the idea of walks entirely - letting Nick and Kearns go and bringing in Pudge. Now if they trade Willingham and Dunn...

Let us take this time, by the way, to celebrate the original "Pudge". No, not that Red Sox monster who eats kitten chowder (or so I've heard), I mean the first pro-football player William Heffelfinger. What a great name. And he has the fine coat of a Yale man. I wonder if he knew Laddie...


Bryan said...

I've done my part and posted here. The pain, however, continues.

Heffelfinger is a great name.

Hoo said...

I'm here and what a trip! The traffic, the weather and of course the rest stops are still closed in Virginia. But we made it despite everything, although the fruit cake and some gifts got squashed.

And now that I'm here, can I mention how galling it is to see the O's doing everything perfect. Dumping Chris Ray for Kevin Millwood with Texas chpping in a fourth of the salary?

I want Angelos back in charge!

Harper said...

Bryan - Please take note that I make no promises about the validity of my promises.

Hoo - You're way too early. Enjoy sleeping on a old college futon for 2 and a half weeks.

No worries about the Orioles. Their role in the AL East is the same as the student from average parentage at the high school where all the professors from the local university send their kids.

Hoo said...

Better a futon than a beer soaked floor. I'm not picky.

This place depresses me. Not so much that I miss MVN. But the fact that your last post here talked about the Nats grabbing Jerome Williams as a scrap heap starter.

And here we are 3 years later looking for a new Jerome Williams type. Some things never change, which sucks when you perennially lose 100 games.

Maybe there's hope in that Garland/Marquis > Jerome Williams

Bryan said...

Hey, Mike Greenberg on Mike & Mike in the Morning (ESPN Radio) predicted the Nats go to the World Series this year.

Of course, his analysis was based entirely on the fact that the Lions went it the they got Pudge, and he didn't seem entirely sure of himself, but its a start.

Hoo - this place is depressing. But as for the 100 loss seasons. I predict this is the year it ends. I'm not ready to make an over-under number yet, but lets say 60 is possible?

Harper - you have to do something about the color scheme.

Harper said...

The template worked a bit better when I had a background behind the title and my little baseballs marking each post - but then they went and killed Geocities. Only the good die young.

How about we pop back to boring old standard then?

Bryan said...

Harper - that's fine. As long as you realize I'll probably complain about that as well. :)