Nationals Baseball: Randy Winn? Why the surprise?

Friday, January 08, 2010

Randy Winn? Why the surprise?

Didn't you read my last piece at all?

Winn plays great defense, which the Nats want for their young pitchers (specifically Strasburg). Signing him would free up the Nats to deal Willingham (or Dunn, or perhaps Dukes - though I doubt that) for at the very least a good defense, passable offense middle infielder, if not something better.

No truth to the rumors of the team changing its name to the "Strasburgs".



Positively Half St. said...

Your last post says it all, but it only makes me more impatient. I found myself far too excited following the minute-to-minute tweet action on Aroldis Chapman yesterday for my own good. Of course I want Mike Rizzo to carefully craft maneuvers to get the best outcomes for the Nats. It's just that I irrationally want those maneuvers to occur every couple of days.

How about one solid improvement each week until spring training? I know that's too much to ask, but we fans are done being reasonable after two 100+ loss seasons.

Harper said...

You're not being unreasonable. However, that's just not possible. Perhaps a compromise can be reached. Like they can keep releasing and resigning Guzman to minor league deals...