Nationals Baseball: Who really cares?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Who really cares?

I mean it. Really, who cares who baseball's version of the 5-timers club ("Please call me, Mr. Pepper Martin) let's in?

If you want to argue about steroids in baseball, I can see that. If you want to discuss what kind of effect steroids may or may not have had on the standard offensive (and pitching) numbers of the era, that's fine, too. And if you want to have a little back and forth about which players would be in the hall of fame if you had a vote based on their performance, well that's just good natured fun. But making who gets into this silly made-up institution into some sort of morality play? No, thank you.

The greatest players of all-time aren't the greatest players of all-time because they are in the Hall of Fame, they are the greatest players of all-time because they are the greatest players of all-time.

Can't we get back to important things like celebrating good headline writing:

"Vlad Tidings"! Kudos to you, Mr. headline writer! Kudos to you!

1 comment:

Bryan said...

As a former/current headline writer, I applaud that you:

A) know that headlines aren't written by the writers of the stories...

B) appreciate quality and the difficulty in writing them.