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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nats All-Stars - who's in, who's out

Tomorrow ends the All-Star voting but really for a team like the Nats (bad with a... let's say "growing" fanbase) it was over before it started. This is a popularity contest and the Nats are the kid that in 3 years everyone's forgotten they went to school with. Only Pudge is in the Top 5 at his position and he's a name at a position where the 4th best guy is either batting .226 with 9 homers, or .275 with 2 HRs and 13 RBIs. So who's going for the Nats?

Zimmerman should and probably will. Even with his recent slump he's clearly one of the Top 3 3rd baseman in the league. There are a good number of decent SS and 2B that could rob him of a spot but that would be a shame considering that he's better than any of those guys. Wright will probably win the fan vote, and he's one of those 2 better than Zimm. If Polanco wins, it's quite possible he won't go because of injury.

Dunn should and could. He's having a better offensive year than Zimm and has improved his defense. Pujols, the best 1st baseman this year, is winning the ballot, meaning no unfair crowding out. Unfortunately the NL really needs to take Votto and Adrian Gonzalez leaving no room for Dunn AND Zimmerman. I think they lean toward Zimm, but if Adam can go into one of his streaks and take the NL homer lead that could change.

Josh Willingham should and won't. You can read what I said here., but in short: On performance he's just good enough to be there, but given how selection works, that the Nats are awful, that they've already got All-Stars in line, that Strasburg is taking all the interest, I don't see how the start align for Josh.

Strasburg is all up to your personal opinion of the game and could. It depends on how you view the All-Star game. I think he should go - but I'm an "exhibition game for the fans" type of guy. I want the old guys starting till they can't start no more. I don't care if an "unworthy" guy gets voted in as a starter. That's me. If you're in the "earned it with their first-half performance" group then Straburg hasn't done enough yet. Maybe another 2 perfect outings of awesomeness and I'd change my mind on even that. Either way - baseball wants him in and he hasn't pitched himself out of it yet, so I think there's a real chance he makes it in. Which would be very bad news for the other Nats.

Pudge shouldn't and probably won't. The stats are slipping, Yadier will make it and Miguel Olivo should. If they take a third catcher (not always given) he's got to beat out about 10 guys with better offensive stats. Still it IS Pudge and he is hitting over .300, even if it's only singles, so there's an outside chance.

Clippard shouldn't and won't. He's been a very good middle reliever when historically even the best middle relievers don't make it in. This isn't a real team you're building here.

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