Nationals Baseball: Who was that guy?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Who was that guy?

I'm starting to think that Austin Kearns' time in Washington was some sort of Fantasy Island scenario. Some fat nerdy 13 year old kid says "I'd like to play baseball" and a distinguished older Mexican man (Vinny Castilla?) grants his wish and gives him 2 years of playing baseball as one Mr. Austin Kearns. He learns a little about baseball and a lot... about life. He realizes that what he needed was inside of him all along, etc. etc. and after two years he goes back to his own body. That's the best explanation I can come up with.


Bryan said...

Austen Kearns is a low-life: the kind of guy who doesn't play hard when he's on a bad team.

Harper said...

You misspelled "Felipe Lopez" there.

Seriously - look at Cleveland now. Look at Cincinnati then. If Austin Kearns didn't play well on bad teams he'd be out of baseball.

Sec314 said...

Austin Kearns is proud and a little stupid. I am no fan of Guzman, but he took a year off to heal. If Cristian Guzman is going to be on the Nats, I'd rather have this version than the 2005 version. He at least had the dignity not to suck up a roster spot in 2006. Kearns wasted time, money and space when he should have been on the DL.