Nationals Baseball: capping off the weekend... wait that doesn't work

Friday, May 13, 2011

capping off the weekend... wait that doesn't work

Blogger issues earlier (the site, not the man) as if it matters. No excuses! I should have written something on a piece of paper and twitpic'd it or something. Of course that would mean I would be on Twitter. Ha! Change happens TO this blog like a Cheez Doodle bobbing on the ocean waves.

Anyway Nats almost win, don't. Burnett blows the lead. I mentioned this a bit on Wednesday (which is now fortuitously the last post. Thursday never happened. Tough luck Bulls!) but Burnett has been terrible at letting inherited runners score this year too. 7 of 12 have come home so far. It's not that Burnett is terrible - he's been pretty good in different circumstances. Coming in with the bases empty Burnett has 7 No-hit / no-walk appearances in 12 tries (yes it's the same numbers - that's just a coincidence). In 6 tries with inherited runners he has 1. But what good is a guy that has to come in with the bases empty to be effective. Pitch better!

The Nats only have to not be swept to meet my goal for this stretch. Gotta like those chances.

Question for the weekend - celebrating a hastily put together Cap Week at ESPN's SweetSpot network (PLUG!) - Emphasizing the Curly W is one thing the Nats have done right with the new other wise kind of bland unis. I think they could have gone with the block DC and that would have been good too but I'm not going to argue against this classic look. Given that the Nats had been out of baseball for a very long time (like 98% of active players were born after the Senators played their last game) where do you think the Nats cap ranks in the majors? Does it belong in the discussion of "iconic" caps?

I'm thinking it's the best of the second tier. Somewhere in the 10-13 range. I can't see it displacing any of these listed, with the exception of the White Sox, but I'm hard pressed to think of anyone that isn't included that is clearly better. I'd listen to an argument about the A's (I think I pretty much love everything about that team outside of how they actually do on the field. Some may remember I had Stomper as like #3 in my mascot ratings) I wouldn't laugh at you if you brought up the Pirates, Mets, Phillies or Braves. I guess KC has an argument too - though it would help if it wasn't so associated with losing. I guess I'd put it 11th.

I don't think we are going to get anyone that hates the cap but if for some reason you do I'd love to hear why you don't think the Blue Jays is the worst. I mean it's terrible right? Makes Arizona's look like it should hang in a museum. (and why is it I can't conjur up any love for the Pirates hat? It's totally classic. Definitely not boring. Don't know)


Nate said...

Stream of consciousness is not your strong suit.

The Curly W is better than the interlocking DC, but it's prevented from being truly great by the fact that it's not really the "original" logo. I actually associate the block W more with the original Senators. Plus the curly W has that unfortunate Walgreens association now.

I think of the pillbox-style cap as being the truly classic Pittsburgh lid.

Trescml said...

I like the Pittsburgh cap better than the Nats, but they are both better than the Sox. Although at least the current Sox is better that the 70s block letter Sox.

Bonsai said...

I happen to really like the interlocking DC, but I think I'm in the minority here.

As for Burnett, isn't this the same thing that happened with Clippard last year? I seem to recall if Clippard came in at the beginning of an inning he was amazing, but if he had inherited runners he wasn't as effective (hence all the vultured wins he got near the beginning of 2010).

I'd be interested to see how Burnett has pitched to either Pudge or Ramos. I know it was Pudge who really pushed the slider last year for him, wonder if there was any correlation this year.

Harper said...

Nate - Until Boswell leaves the Post to personally document Guzman's comeback I have no strong suit.

I see the Walgreens connection but it doesn't get to me as much. Maybe because I was born a CVS kid.

Trescmi / Nate - would you bring back the pillbox for the Pirates? I think I would

Bonsai - no way I love the interlocking DC. My dream Nats uniform would be the current home ones - swap red with blue and swap the W for the DC.

He's got a 5.91 ERA with Ramos, 7.71 with Pudge. ERA should be even lower with Ramos though.

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