Nationals Baseball: Write in Wramos to counter Wrigs mistake

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Write in Wramos to counter Wrigs mistake

Maybe Riggleman thought that Pudge would begin the season hot again. Maybe he thought that this might be Pudge's last chance to start on Opening Day. Or maybe he didn't think and just pencilled in "Ivan Rodriguez" into the lineup on the first day of the season because what, am I going to start a rookie over a vet on Opening Day? Someone never played the game!

Anyway whatever the reasoning was, the starting of Pudge has kept the Nats only deserving offensive player so far off the All-Star ballot. Rather than resign yourselves to Storen or Burnett or Slaten or etc etc being tossed into the bullpen of the NL, (deservedly so, but still tossed in) I think Nats fans should right now start a huge write in campaign for Ramos. This makes more sense than the official website's tepid attempts to get you to vote for Espinosa and/or "Back maybe in mid-June" Zimmerman.

Write in Wramos!

Just because you are so interested - here are where the Nats players rank by OPS (by position) when I limit the PAs to 50

C- Ramos - 4th (of 21)
1B - LaRoche - 14th (18)
2B - Espinosa - 9th (20)
3B - Hairston Jr - 17th (23)
3B - Cora - 23rd (23)
SS - Desmond - 13th (18)
LF - Nix - 9th (20)
LF - Morse - 19th (20)
CF - Ankiel - 19th (20)
RF - Werth 15th (20)


Hoo said...

Hurrah for Espinosa for being Average! Average bat + awesome glove=a real asset on a playoff team. Yeah. So uhm maybe halfway there?

The nats all-star so far has to Clippard, especially given his unholy 6 straight K performance. There's an argument for Storen but Clippard has just been amazing, especially given the situaton's he's handed and his work load. Almost 4-1 K ratio average 11+k/9. He's the reason the Nats are within shouting distance of .500 b/c Clip-Store and maybe Burnett have been amazing whenever the Nats get a lead.

Harper said...

The NL could do worse than take the Nats top 4 bullpen guys come July. They probably won't except for maybe one guy, but they could.

Hoo said...

Top 4? You can't be counting Slaten at this pt or you talking about H-Rod?

Slaten has been horrific this year (OPS 1K+ vs. lefties (.400 BA). For a situational reliever that is staggering.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why we even talk about the Allstar game before June, let alone vote on the players. Give the Cream some time to rise to the top people.

Harper said...

Reread that and sounded confusing to me. I meant they won't do worse. obviously they won't take more than one guy from the Nats

Harper said...

Hoo - I wasn't thinking specifics, but you're right that my casual inclusion of Slaten is way off. Though I will say that doesn't matter for the All-Star game, if Slaten was a closer they'd love the guy despite how many inhereted runners he lets score.

Anon - I agree that voting shouldn't take place this early, but I'm not sure what you can do. Ok I am sure - you can make it all online, but that isn't happening any time soon. Problem is they want to be sure each team gets equal representation from home crowds. If they started say the first weekend in June a team like the Marlins could be slighted. They play like 24 games on the road, only 13 at home in that time frame. (note : this assumes people are going to Marlins games)

Anonymous said...

I agree 100%.