Nationals Baseball: Ramos Update

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ramos Update

Of course you probably know all this but : 
- No contact with kidnappers
- Local police confirm he is alive
- Nats (nor any other mlb teams) have no official plans to pull players from Venezuela

Sources you should be following
Kilgore at the Post
Zuckerman at his blog
Juan Dominguez's Twitter feed
Rafael Rojas's Twitter feed

Anyone else surprised this isn't "front page" news on ESPN (or SI or Sportsline or Foxsports)?  Yahoo Sports is the only one that makes it even a top story.

Update: For those that don't read Spanish - Google's translate tool works very well. 


Hoo said...

I know that Joe Pa is the story of the decade. I can't imagine a bigger story in the past 10 years.

But it's crazy that Ramos story isn't getting play unless the media outlets have made a decision to slowplay it? I've been thinking that if Ramos played for the Sox or Yanks, this would be almost in rotation with the Joe Pa news.

Hoo said...

BTW, Venezuela is even worse than I thought. From the Post (as part of a anti-Chavez note, which I agree with but will keep out):

According to the Associated Press, 618 kidnappings were reported in 2009, and the numbers have grown rapidly since then. But even more remarkable is Venezuela’s murder rate: Estimated at 60 per 100,000, it is more than double that of Colombia, which used to be renowned for its violence. The number of people killed violently in Venezuela since 2007 stands at more than 60,000 — more than in Mexico, with its drug wars.

This year Chavez’s country is on track to record more than 19,000 homicides, compared with 4,550 in 1998, the year before he took office. By way of comparison, Iraq has so far recorded 3,200 violent deaths of civilians so far this year, according to Iraq Body Count.

Caracas may be the most violent city in the world. At more than 200 murders per 100,000 population each year, it exceeds even Ciudad Juarez, the free-fire zone for drug traffickers on the U.S.-Mexican border.

Harper said...

I have to think they are playing it down. Not giving the attention to it that the kdinappers might want? Maybe? It's not even a "picture story" on I do agree though a name on a bigger team and this isn't held back even by choice.

as for venezuela I remember looking up that stuff when I went to Aruba and thinking "Jesus, that crazy place is right over there"> any situation like Chavez's always reminds me how lucky the US was back in the day to have Washington first in charge. Would have an Adams or Jefferson if first up walked away so easily?

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