Nationals Baseball: The Nats didn't post on Darvish

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Nats didn't post on Darvish

Good.  To me the only way a bid could have "worked out" for the Nats is if they bid like 45 million and someone bid 50.  They made a serious offer, but didn't have to actually pay for the 100 million dollar shot in the dark. Of course that's predisposing that they now use the money / resources to get a centerfielder, sign a great bench, and get a reliable 2-3 year starter while the 5-7 guys in the minors figure themselves out. Who knows about that. (And yes, they could have done all this, and that's the type of team almost every fan wants their team to be, but I don't actually consider that a possible option in this reality. Prove me wrong, Lerners.  Prove me wrong.)

Also why'd they wait until today to say anything? My best guess is they wanted to get an idea of the posted bid before they'd say anything just in case it ended up being like 20 million and everyone would say they were stupid for not posting on that.  Of course they'd also say they were stupid for posting under that so really... why wait? Some sort of news control thing? Maybe they weren't sure if they did post a bid? To not distract Nats fans from the big news that Jeff Fulchino is now in the organization?

Maybe it's just me but this kind of thing seems typical Rizzo-Nats.  There a way of doing things.  Then there's the way the Nats do things which is just. a. bit. different.  You don't know why.  There doesn't seem to be any effect, positive or negative.  But every once in a while, there it is.  Still better than the Bowden-Nats though where Jimbo would have talked all week about the Nats posting 60 mill for Darvish, who was the next Halladay mixed with Lee but also like Pedro and the Big Unit, we would have watched them do nothing, then he would have explained that they liked Ryan Perry just as much as Darvish. Oh, and he would have thrown a racist Asian joke in there somewhere.

In other Bowden-era news Nats Insider has a "fun" look at the largest contracts in Nats history.  I really wanted to put largest in quotation marks but sadly, I couldn't.  These really are the largest ones.  Remember when I said I didn't consider going after Darvish AND fixing the other issues a realisitc possibility? Yeah.  When your 2nd biggest contract is for your sole marquee homegrown player and it would be considered a bargain, when nearly everything below it is for veteran place holders, when Cristian Guzman appears on the list TWICE, I think you can see what kind of team you are money-wise.  Right now Werth remains an exception

(And what a terrible exception! It's like telling a little kid he needs to stop spitting out his food, only to watch him shove the entire bowl of it in his mouth at once.)


Donald said...

It's possible they didn't comment about not posting for Darvish because they don't want to set a precedent for other Japanese players they may decide to post for. People will be looking at how they handled this case for comparison whenever they look at the next case. Rizzo probably figures it's better to be mum in all cases so that people can't read too much into his actions.

Harper said...

Makes some sense. Let's see if they post Aoki. (or if they don't post him for some other future Japanese player... and so on... and so on...)

Ty Cobb T206 said...

He is going to be awesome!

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