Nationals Baseball: Nothing would feel worse than it actually is

Monday, December 05, 2011

Nothing would feel worse than it actually is

Jose Reyes signs with the Marlins.  It's not like the Nats were interested (despite what some baseball guys believed) and by itself it doesn't make the Marlins better than the Nats... necessarily*.  But a team in your own division making a big-time signing does promote a level of envy.

Layne Nix signs with the Phillies.  It's not like the Nats needed to bring Nix back.  But he would have been a useful 4th OF, providing lefty pop off the bench, and a team in your own division grabbed him up (let's hope the Phillies have to play him everyday - although it sounds like they'll platoon him which would be perfect for the guy) meaning they are filling up those roster holes while you aren't.

The Nats want Mark Buehrle but so do the Marlins (who obviously will spend), the Rangers (who obviously are in a nice position if you want to make a championship run), and the White Sox (who obviously hold some advantage as the team he has been on for his entire career). 

The Nats' Plan B is Roy Oswalt, whose plans are up in the air.

The Nats Plan C is CJ Wilson, who is the Plan A for at least 2 other teams, and is drawing similar interest from attractive teams like the Red Sox who are perennial contenders, and the Angels, who are much closer to his home in Southern California.

If the chips fall the wrong way the Nats could end up with nothing. It would be disappointing but it would not mean that 2012 is any less exciting.  This is still a team on the rise and barring injury you have to believe that the 2012 Nats will be better than the 2011 version, even without considering the rise of such players like Bryce, Rendon, and the stable of young arms.  I feel like there should be more here to say but there really isn't.  The Nats could end up with nothing.  It could pretty easily happen. And that's ok. 

*The Marlins were bad last year, but had a pretty unlucky year. Outside of rookie sensation Mike Stanton and, I don't know, Greg Dobbs?  Who outperformed their expectations last year? Josh Johsnon - who could be as good as Strasburg - was out most of the year.  Hanley Ramirez - an all-star before last year - didn't just disappoint, he was flat out bad. With one more signing I could see this as a team that wins 15 more games.


Donald said...

Before assuming the Marlins improve too much, I think they have to decide what to do with Hanley Ramirez. Does he move nicely to CF or 3B? Or does he gripe and make the club house unpleasant. Plus, there's a decent chance that Reyes spends some time next year on the DL.

Anonymous said...

Reyes signing with the Marlins is a wash since he was in the div last year. Same guy, different uniform.

I'm thinking the Marlins clubhouse will be a nightmare.

Hoo said...

Boz says Hanley to 3rd where he becomes rather pedestrian. He was an awesome hitting SS but not sure he's that great of a hitting 3rd.

Nix with Phils ups the Ankiel resigning factor, which I wouldn't mind as a defensive replacement who gets a handful of bats.

But I really don't like Reyes staying in the division going to an up and comer. There are now 4 potentially very good teams in NL East, and 3 have a good futures (sorry Phillies)

Anonymous said...

We just need Buehrle and Cespedes. If we sign them both I would be willing to guarantee a WC berth.

Try to lock them both down ASAP and then see if you can maybe steal Prince Fielder from everybody else. Get all 3 and I'll guarantee you a look at the NLCS.

Harper said...

Donald - 3B but I'm not sure about nicely. That will make a difference. As injury prone as Reyes is you have to assume 130 games or so, which is enough to make a noticealy difference.

Anon - It's not quite that simple. I'm sure the Yankees would rather see Jose Bautista traded to the Orioles than the Red Sox (not that this is being discussed)

Ozzie is the manager, right? Should be fun.

Hoo - Boz is underrating Hanley (or overrating 3bmen). If he's healthy and ready he IS that good wherever he plays.

Yeah - I see Ankiel back too, and that's fine. As a 4th.

I wouldn't rule out the Phillies if only because they seem to have the Yankees/Sox mindset where they'll spend enough in the "down" years to never actually be bad. But we'll see.

Anon - WC crown? Ok. I'd take that bet. But I do agree that all 3 and the NLCS isn't out of reach. I think they'd make the playoffs and then it's only one series win. Wihtout fielder though the pitching would be really good, but Cespedes though just adds another (good) bet to a offense full of them. Sometimes you do crap out.

Maft said...

Correction: it just got worse. At least the Fish probably won't sign Pujols...