Nationals Baseball: Hey I tweeted

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hey I tweeted

Warning. Can't promise this will be as soulessly focused on baseball as the blog is though.!/harpergordek


michael k said...

Your tweet depresses me. Though that doesn't make the Prince deal worth it. It's not. And Werth will be a better player at 37-38, fwiw.

Harper said...

harper - apologies. Maybe I can predict wild inflation so 42 million won't be worth that much?

and you're right on both points - Prince deal is not worth it, and I have a hard time seeing a future where 37-38 yr old Prince is performing at a higher level than 37-38 year old Werth. Now I might personally think that means Werth will be a below average 4th OF and Prince will be a below average DH or out of baseball, but still Werth is better, right?

Harper said...
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