Nationals Baseball: Port-a-Prince

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Because he's like a Port-a-John for not coming to DC!  And it's Haiti's capital! Sort of. Wait... I think

Anyway to Detroit is the strong rumors.

9 years 214 million is CRAZY. No fault to the Nats on passing on that price if it's true.


Kenny B. said...

I'm glad we were in the running, at least. I guess this pretty much puts the kibosh on any more big offseason deals, and we'll mostly just be watching the young-uns develop this year, and hoping Morse can keep his recent vintage. I am genuinely stoked about the rotation, and will make that my reason to attend. I didn't need the big slugger to please me as a fan, but I'll admit I was excited at the idea of being one of the big-time clubs in 2012.

Steve O'Brien said...

I STILL think we'll be a big-time club this year with some surprising personnel improvements. Of course, I also thought the Skins would end over .500 for this past season (!)

Kenny B. said...

I'd love to believe you Steve, but when I look at our division, I'm not seeing the big time Nats. I really hope the Miami project flops, but it seems pretty unlikely. The Braves always seem to overperform, and the Phillies aren't done with their run at the top yet.

I'd love a Nats surprise in 2012, but I have this sinking feeling that last year was our "surprise" year and 2012 will be a painfully "almost" kind of season.

The good news is that a sexy free agent didn't put a wrench in a longer-term plan that looks like a good one. So 2013 onward should be fun.

I also thought the Skins might overperform this year depending on the ups and downs of Rex, but this is a Nats blog, and we should, for now, treat that abomination in Landover as the pariah it deserves to be until it proves otherwise. At least with the Nats I feel like there is consistent, if incremental progress.

DezoPenguin said...

Can't argue that 9/$214 is something that we should have tried to outbid. That's an insane price, especially for an NL team that can't shift him to DH. Of course, unless Miguel Cabrera is going back to 3rd, I have no idea what Detroit is going to do with him...I guess Victor Martinez is guaranteed to get traded in the offseason if his injury recovery goes well, because three guys whose best position is DH in the lineup is not going to work.

Glad we were in the running, but there's no coping with someone willing to just go stone crazy. Hope LaRoche comes back from injury to post numbers akin to his usual average and that Harper can hit ML pitching, 'cause we're going to need that.