Nationals Baseball: This season is taking FOREVER to get here

Friday, March 01, 2013

This season is taking FOREVER to get here

I didn't think an extra week of Spring Training would matter but man.... it just accentuates the drag of this thing.  Before you could distract yourself at this point with the build up to conference tourneys but now we're still finishing up the season.

Mattheus pitches some more innings!
Haren is feeling good!

It's fake baseball that doesn't matter and yet we have to talk about it because what else are we going to do? NOT talk about it?

worse, there's just more time for Boz to spout out nonsense like this column where he conveniently forget the Nats overpaid for their own egotistical malcontent (in arguably a position they didn't even need), Rafeal Soriano. If I wanted to do a "Boz job" on the Nats I'd also mention they paid a couple of kids 20+ million in total, one who blames every bad outing on something other than his pitching and then never talks about it, the other one who sprints around the bases in his Indian warpaint crying out for people to look at him so he can appear on another commerical lifting day-glo weights.

Not that I believe what I just said about Strasburg or Bryce, just that if you have an agenda to push (in Boz's case there's something overly special about the Nats) you can view things in a way that's favorable to your agenda. Let me flip the above.

"The Nats do what good teams do, strengthening a strength and taking some pressure off our young arms by bringing in the energy and drive of Rafeal Soriano to close. Forged in the pressure of playoff baseball in the AL East, he'll anchor what was already one of the best pens in baseball. But mostly they built this team the smart way, home growing talent like possibly the two most exciting young players in baseball. Strasburg brings a focus and determination to the team that it needs while his personality opposite, the enthusiastic Bryce Harper keeps things fun, hustling in a way we haven't seen from a player this talented since Charlie Hustle was diving head first into 3rd."

Gah gah gah. The truth is that every team has its mix and if they win, they tend to get along. If they lose they tend to argue. It really is that simple.  If you want to pick on the Dodgers for bringing in a ton of high-priced talent that has failed to produce that makes sense. It's a huge gamble with a lot of $. If you want to start saying a guy telling you the truth about why players make contract decisions is emblematic of a team that will be unable to win because their high-priced parts just don't care enough, that's dumb.

I don't know what I'm trying to say.

Yes I do.  START THE DAMN SEASON ALREADY. I need something real to talk about, not feelings and impressions.


cass said...

Tip to make it through Spring Training: Don't read Boswell's columns.

Bonus tip: This also works for the regular season.

Mike said...

On a side note, Between Zimmerman and Strasburg, i've come to the conclusion that it's like a battle for who can be the dullest interview on the team. Watched Bob and FP interview Stras yesterday (granted it was Bob and FP, but still) and he had all the excitement and energy of someone going in for a root canal. Looked like he was about to fall asleep live on the air. Apparently these guys need to be reminded every now and then that they're playing BASEBALL for a living and making millions upon millions doing it. WAKE UP!!!

Harper said...

cass - angering up the blood is sometimes better than letting it sit there and get all fetid and dank

Mike - They still haven't mastered saying nothing at all while looking like you are saying something of worth. They need to study Jeter.

Anonymous said...

I am also already tired of spring training. It is way too long. They need to change the format. Start the season a bit earlier. Just like the rosters are allowed to expand late in the year, they should be allowed to expand at the beginning.

All teams that finish the season with a winning record should be allowed to participate in the post season. That way teams can experiment a little bit along the way.

All teams that go to the post season continue to play until they have lost ten games in the post season.

Sirc said...

Spring training is dull, and the only real information that we, as fans, get out of it is injuries. The rest is ho-hum.

The WBC is more interesting. It's miles and miles away from The World Cup, but it is loads better than Spring Training.

Anonymous said...

While we wait for "FOREVER" we can be amused by the trolling, no? Me, I love Boz's columns. I love Bob and FP (okay, mostly FP). We have waited a long time for an off-season like this, since 1924-5 in fact. My parents weren't born yet and I'm not a young fella. The post spring training game interviews are nonsense, but it's good to see and/or hear the games. Never had so much opportunity before and I look forward to the games in a couple of weeks when the players start to try some.


Anonymous said...

The spam you get IS pretty fantastic.

Zimmerman11 said...

Harper... not enough to write about? You need to do some legwork, go to spring training... report back on players' favorite beers and bbq joints or what new tattoos players are wearing. While you're down there, get to the bottom of this Gio thing (or at least find any damaging paper and destroy it).

Zimmerman11 said...

Your next blog post is takign FOREVER to get here LOL.

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