Nationals Baseball: Quickie on Blevins for Burns

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Quickie on Blevins for Burns

Win now.

Burns is a decent little prospect but he's 24, he hits for no power, & the Nats have a few decent OF prospects. Might be what, 15th next year in Nats prospects?

Blevins is a good LH reliever. I'll bring up splits tomorrow but pitched well vs righties in his career. He was specifically good in 2013. (and specificallly not so good versus left-handed batters). All in all better versus lefties in career though as you'd expect.

It's a good deal for a Nats team that wants to win in 2014 not wait around and see if Billy Burns might be a cheap 3rd-4th OF for 2016-2020.


DaveB said...

My thoughts exactly. Rizzo obviously never felt comfortable with the contracts the good FAs are getting now (2-3 years; $2-5M/yr), so this is a reasonable price to get Blevins for $1-2M with two years of control.

Anonymous said...

Detwiler to the Pen it would seem. Hard to sign another lefty now if you think Detwiler isn't the starter. Would be a great pen arm. Guess you could always trade him, plenty of folks looking for pitchers.

DezoPenguin said...

Wait, why would trading for a LHP make it more likely Det would go to the pen? If anything, this means that they're more likely to try him at 5th starter since they don't need to have him be the lefty.

John C. said...

Yeah, concur with Dezopenguin. Since Blevins isn't a pure LOOGY, they arr more likely IMHO to keep Cedeno in the LOOGY role and be willing to leave Detwiler in the rotation

Anonymous said...

Love love love the H in IMHO - so … H.

John C. said...

Would you prefer IMNSHO? :D

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