Nationals Baseball: Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Just been bouncing around.  I'll be around soon to talk about fun stuff like

Should they sign/trade Ian Desmond?
Should they sign/trade Jordan Zimmermann?
Should they sign/trade Doug Fister?
Should they sign/trade Stephen Strasburg?
Should they sign/trade Wilson Ramos?
Should they sign/trade Drew Storen?

Hey that's a lot of should they sign/trades!

(My guesses without research : Maybe sign, Sign, Neither, Sign, Sign, Trade) 


Anonymous said...

Happy Native American oppresion day!

I agree with your thoughts on what to do with the guys. Though I'd want to trade someone for a 2b

Anonymous said...

That guy referring Strasburg , but really any starter as needed

Anonymous said...

Let's get Zobrist on this team already, Rizzo!

Wally said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Todd

Wally said...

Arggh! Harper! Too much food hangover, sorry.

Donald said...

If you trade Storen, do you sign Clippard? I think the meme about Storen choking in the playoffs is probably overblown. You said yourself that in 2012 it was as much Davey's fault. Storen is the best closer they have at the moment and he may actually be getting better.

Also, not saying I agree with it, but I think they end up signing Fister rather than Znn, but I think they keep both around next year.

DezoPenguin said...

Now, I'm ripped. You may have heard the news--Oakland actually DID trade Donaldson, and to Toronto for a reasonable return. We could have had him, and that would have locked down our infield problems

Zimmerman11 said...

ESPN Positional Ranks

LF Harper 4th

CF Span 8th

RF Werth 4th

3B Rendon 2nd

SS Desmond 3rd

2B Espinosa 32nd?

1B Zimmerman Not Ranked - LaRoche got an honorable mention...

C Ramos Not Ranked - Stay on the field, Wilson!

Lots of top 5 rankings... and then the last two spots are the logical place to try and make the team better, of course Robbie Cano was available, and apparently so was Josh Donaldson... so I'm judging Rizzo on how much better we are than Espoinosa at 2B next season. Fair measuring stick, you'd think!!!

Zim needs a place to play, so looks like 1B is covered and his bat should be good enough, if he's healthy.

Should be looking again to shore up catcher. 2B is a black hole... and I don't want to give Espy another chance to start. Let's hope Rizzo is working hard on filling that hole!

Zimmerman11 said...

Of course, for all these "top 5" type talents, we sure had a very average offense last year...

John C. said...

Zim11, for a "very average" offense the Nats sure scored a lot of runs. They finished 3rd of 15 NL teams in runs scored, behind Colorado and Los Angeles ... and of course Colorado plays in a pinball park.

Zimmerman11 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zimmerman11 said...

Yes. Something didn't make sense... The DH explains it... Duh!

They're an average AL team, lolol.

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