Nationals Baseball: Friday Updates

Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Updates

Escobar is going to try to take some BP over the weekend. Start playing on Monday.  That would probably put Opening Day as a possibility if he feels good but that might be pushing it.

Jayson Werth should play in the field today. Won't hit. I still think he'll push for Opening Day but he seems pretty adamant about "if I'm not ready I'm not ready" and letting that be a Werth decision. So basically we're at the whims of how he feels, which is fine, but it makes predicting when he'll play harder.

Denard Span played catch. At least he's verifiably not dead.

Still no word on Rendon. He hasn't played since the 9th which means we are closing in on two weeks on the injury that was initially going to be a "day or so" and then a "few days".  Over two weeks moves into "a few weeks" territory. The lack of news is never a good sign but the Nats are basically have the same... let's call it "prickly" attitude toward injury information that say the Patriots have. Which is even more stupid in baseball and even more stupid that that in Spring Training, but let it never be said that Mike Rizzo doesn't have a huge ego (and results that back it up... so far).

Just a reminder that Storen has thrown 1 inning so far.

More updates! . I think Matt is being optimistic - then again OD is a whole week into April. If you don't care about live ABs then the time to get healthy is there.

Spring Training Stats notes (only looking at (1) power, (2) crazy bad numbers that may indicate injury, or (3) crazy good numbers that may screw up bench make-up because you get hypnotized by these things)

  • No one is having a particularly powerful spring so no surprises there. 
  • Tony Gwynn Jr is hitting .407 and making a play for the OF bench role that will be there with Span out. Loads of major league info to tell you that's not a good idea. 
  • Skole is thing .421 with 2 homers and a double. but he is likely to go to the minors to get at bats. Tyler Moore has cooled down a bit (.357 with .714 SLG currently) but if they like him, they like him
  • No regular is hitting so bad that I'd worry about it. 
  • Xavier Cedeno is putting up a 0.21 WHIP while Blevins sports a 6.23 ERA. Shouldn't matter (Blevins WHIP is a decent 1.38) but you never know.  
  • Tanner Roark has looked terrible. I mean like crazy bad. There's Spring Training bad (say Stammen or Blevins this year) then there is 13 hits and 2 walks in 7.2 IP in cluding 3 homers. If you're looking for a possible injured Nats arm this is the one I'd keep an eye on.


JWLumley said...

Maybe Roark just isn't nearly as good as he pitched last year. I mean, everything before he reached the majors indicated that he wasn't a big league pitcher, let alone a good big league pitcher so I wouldn't necessarily say he's injured.

Also, spring stats and all, but Dan Uggla has been not terrible, in fact he's been pretty good. What's especially encouraging is the walks, which is another encouraging sign from Espinosa. All things being equal, I'd much prefer the upside offered by Uggla and/or Espinosa over Escobar. Perhaps if he can stay hurt a week or two into the season, the Nats may discover that they could move him for a 4th OF or bullpen piece. I know that sounds like crazy talk just typing it. At the very least, I'd think Escobar needs to sit against lefties. Espinosa's glove is so good, he doesn't need to hit much to be pretty valuable and if there's any way he can be the Nats SS next year, it'd be good to find that out soon.

Finally, stop talking about Rendon. He's fine, he's going to be just fine. No big deal, nothing to see here. Wrap that kid in bubble wrap.

Bjd1207 said...

I was thinking on the power topic too. Have any of our starters jacked a homer? Or even off-the-wall doubles?

Zim, Des, Harper, Ramos, Rendon (when he was playing)...

Danny has 1, Moore has 1, Taylor has 1...all of those are guys that we expect to be off the roster (or at least on the bench) when our regulars are back, but none of the starters have shown any power in ST thus far

Anonymous said...

I remember a few years ago when everyone was talking about how spring stats meant nothing and used how poorly lincecum was doing as an example. Then lincecum's season happened. Hopefully Roark struggling is different than lincecum that year.
If Roark sucks or is injured this season Rizzo not trading ZNN is going to look genius.
Rendon is fine they are just being safe for obvious reasons.
Jw you want to call Oakland and offer Escobar for Clippard. didn't we just trade for him.

Bjd1207 said...

I wish I shared both of your's confidence on Rendon. From whence does it come?

John C. said...

To Anonymous, on "Roark as Lincecum" - when we say Spring Training stats mean nothing, we mean that they are not predictive of anything. Bad ST stats do not preclude a bad season, but they don't particularly suggest one either. Actual results are essentially randomly distributed. For the same reason I am not really concerned about HR totals in ST.

Rendon is running on a treadmill, which is a good sign of progress in the recovery from any knee injury. He has not yet been cleared for baseball activities AFAIK.

I have to wonder whether McLouth's and Span's troubles lead Werth to push a bit for Opening Day. I hope not - I'd rather have him miss two weeks in April than be limited for a longer period of time. Same with Rendon, if not even more so for him.

Zuckerman did a nice recap of the walking wounded in today's NI.

Anonymous said...

The confidence probably comes from stupidness.
John C
I get what you're saying.

Bjd1207 said...

LOL fair enough. But you're not alone, which is what gave me pause. A lot of people seem to think he'd be back already if this were regular season

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on what the impact of moving to a relief role (both physcial and mental) could be having on Roark's results?

John C. said...

On Roark's mental state of mind, I try not to mind read. When posters do that, oddly enough they tend to project exactly what they are feeling onto the player/manager/GM/etc. COULD it be a factor? Of course - the possibilities are virtually endless, and human behavior and motivation are weird. But anyone who tells you they know that being named the #6 starter IS what caused any struggles that Roark may have is selling you something (that something being that person's opinion, most likely).

DezoPenguin said...

Gwynn could be a decent fifth OF, actually. I mean, that's the "eighth-inning defensive replacement for Werth" job, and he's always been a fine defender. Obviously when Span comes back, Taylor gets that job and Gwynn is gone, but as they are now he's not foolish.

DaveB said...

While I agree that Rizzo tends to be secretive to the extreme on injuries, I could argue that would be just as important now as it would be later. If Rizzo is checking around on trade possibilities for a replacement, it is probably easier if MLBTR etc. aren't all broadcasting that Rendon may need to go in for MCL surgery (to pick a worst case example).

Bjd1207 said...

Has Uggla made his case for the big league roster?? He pairs much better with Espinosa than Escobar does. Uggla against righties and Danny against lefties, with Danny as the late defensive substitution when Uggla starts...

Bjd1207 said...

Thinking more on it....we should drop Frandsen for Uggla and keep Espi on the roster

Zimmerman11 said...

Espy making starts at 3B... ain't nobody got time for that!

Starting lineup for opening day:


Yeah baby!!!88 wins here we come!

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