Nationals Baseball: It's Scherzer

Monday, March 23, 2015

It's Scherzer

Does it matter who starts Opening Day. Nah. But let's be honest here, Max starts because Max can do it again next year. You know who can't? Jordan Zimmermann. Because he won't be here. And Max could do it in 2017.  You know who can't? Stephen Strasburg.  Because he won't be here.

Just saying

Yuney starts today - will most likely play OD barring setback.  
Werth is a question mark. If he bats Wednesday I'd bet on him for Opening Day. If not, I'd bet not. 
Rendon is still not right, with no timetable for return. I'm saying no for OD
Storen still has pitched one inning and no one cares. 


Wally said...

Yeah, I took it as a sign they gave up on resigning Stras, too. Otherwise they'd have named Miracle Max right away.

I guess I am officially a little concerned over Rendon now.

I don't really care that Storen has only pitched 1 inning.

Anonymous said...

In all this letting Zimm(nn) and Stras walk debate, I still wonder how much is based on prior TJ surgery.

Has anyone run across a good analysis of the shelf-life of pitchers post TJ surgery?

blovy8 said...

Strasburg has already had minor maladies putting him behind the others - that's a pretty good excuse too. I think it's Scherzer because he's already going deeper into games, and probably is pitching the best at the moment, so he's likely the most ready. That's a lot more logical than thinking about who's going to be here next year or who "deserves" it. Harper - that is Boswell thinking! It might even be because you actually want to WIN games every day and the most ready guy is the best choice given the bullpen isn't making me very confident yet.

Donald said...

I'm pretty sure they knew Scherzer was going to start opening day the moment he signed, regardless of what's the contract status of Stras or Znn. I'd guess the factors behind this decision, in rough order of priority were:
- Most accomplished
- Most experienced
- Highest paid
- Spring Training results
- Contract status.
So even if Stras and Znn were extended, Scherzer would still be starting opening day.

I wouldn't read much more into this.

Strasburger said...

I agree with Donald. You're right about ZNN Harp, but I'm not buying that thinking extended to Strasburg. If anything, this move will fire him up and put some of the scrutiny off of him being a "#3 pitcher". This will probably be his best year, and I think they will bring him back as long as he can find a deal. He might be from the West Coast but he does like Washington.

cass said...

Scherzer has the Cy Young and the contract. That's probably it. I wish they'd blame it on the injury, though.

If Strasburg walks, I hope it's to San Diego. It's a lot easier to swallow that he would rather play for his hometown team rather than that the Nats are too cheap to sign him.

Losing Zimmermann and Strasburg is going to hurt, and it's just when Scherzer will be getting older. World Series or bust indeed.

Bjd1207 said...

I'm not as sure as everyone else that naming our 2015 OD starter seals the deal on Stras not re-signing for 2017...

Especially if we don't give the money to Desi, I think there's still a good chance we make an offer to Stras. I doubt we'll extend him before the deal ends (Boras) but I expect we'll make him a strong offer in free agency. Sherzer/Stras anchoring the top of the rotation with Giolito/other young arms coming of age, while Gio plays out the rest of his deal. If we don't give Desi, ZNN, or Stras a deal, then I feel its a lock that we're doubling down on Harper

Dr Trea (formerly #werthquake) said...

What's the deal with Storen?

Bjd1207 said...

Broke a bone on his non-pitching hand.

As Harper keeps pointing out the lack of in-game work is a bit suspicious. But from everything I've read his throwing schedule is fine (doing BP sessions instead of ST games) they just dont want him in game situations yet in case the stitches pop as he collides with someone covering first, or fielding a grounder

Anonymous said...

Yea, I'm not so sure that wasn't tongue in cheek on Harper's part. The money alone seemed to make Scherzer a mortal lock to start Opening Day.

The waiter said...

They are not giving up on signing strasburg. Two years is way to much time to say we're letting him walk. Especially a guy with Stras talent and personality.

I think part of this decision was who really cared about starting opening day Stras or Max. Because personally it seemed like Max cared more than Stras.

Anonymous said...

Man... I can't wait for Spring Training to be over so we can get to some real news. Kudos to Harper for trying to report something out of nothing.

Guys - an OD starter is named for one of two reasons:
1. Who is the best?
2. Who is getting paid the most?

Since #1 is mostly debatable, it's a no-brainer they'd go with a guy making over 200mil.

It literally, absolutely, means nothing more than than. We're all desperate for the season to start so please stop reading into these things too much :)

JWLumley said...

Hey Harper, have you ever considered having others write posts for the site? I'm sure it's not easy putting something up regularly and perhaps those who visit frequently would like to make a more nuanced argument about something. Just a thought. I'm not necessarily volunteering, but it might be fun from time to time.

Anyway, wondering what you, and others, think about Anthony Rendon being ranked the 3rd best 3rd basemen in baseball by ESPN? Beltre's ahead of him, as is Donaldson, so I don't think either pick is terrible, but Beltre is getting old, I mean he's as old as I am and I know I've lost significant bat speed. Donaldson was pretty bad in the second half last year and he's almost a 3 true outcomes kind of guy, which don't always age well. None of that's to say he's bad or that I wouldn't want him to be the Nats second basemen, but give Rendon a full year at 3B and I think you'll see an uptick in DRS for him. Plus he's only 24. If I'm picking a 3B from everyone in the big leagues he's my choice and I don't have to think too hard about it, other than injury concerns. Even then, I probably pick Longoria, not Beltre or Donaldson.

JWLumley said...

Opening day starters are somewhat important. Here's why, in the beginning of the season, teams haven't had enough off days to get their rotations too far out of sync, so #1's end up facing the other team's #1 much more often over the first month or 6 weeks. It's minor, and in the Nats case, who cares, they have 4 maybe 5 #1's anyway, but for another team it could have some affect if their starters are way out of whack and their best two starters are put in the #3 and #4 spots. So splitting hairs and probably just bored, but it's not nothing.

Anonymous said...

Beyond the honorifics of "opening day" starter, here's how the matches look like they'll work over the first three days: Scherzer vs. Colon; JZnn vs. deGroom; and Stras vs. Harvey. The Mets are welcome to do their rotation however they like, but I'd say Scherzer is facing the least formidable opponent, and Stras the most, so there's the "We picked you to go up against Harvey" is not a bad bone to throw Strasburg.

Bjd1207 said...

Rendon with second MRI and still no timetable.

Everybody still believe they're just giving extra rest cuz its spring training? Same old shit coming out of Williams' mouth. "Could be great tomorrow" "Could be missing a few days" "Could be this, could be that" Just shut up already and tell us something meaningful


Unknown said...

Wait, Strasburg won't be here next year? Don't you dare. I get 6 years of team control, not a day less.