Nationals Baseball: Just kidding!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Just kidding!

Desmond will be leading off!

(Riggleman is doing a great job at making a minor issue into a major one. I assume that is the role of a manager, right?)


Hoo said...

Don't forget the other role of manager: Making sure the players know you kinda sorta don't have confidence in them until you have an extra cup of coffee and then you have confidence in them again. Until the next set of struggles.

Nice to see Werth/Espi saying that boneheaded play won't happen as they play more together. I'm no manager, but I think they make sense. And therefore it might be nice to actually play them together every chance I get.

"Cora brings nothing but a warm body."

Where's the reference to his veteran leadership and teaching ability?

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping that Stairs on the bench is so that Bernadina can play everyday in the minors for the time being.

Gonzales was better than all these guys and he could play defense.