Nationals Baseball: Ramos survived!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ramos survived!

Riggleman sometimes just goes insane am I right? Starting Wilson Ramos AGAIN!?!? Against a RIGHThanded pitcher?!?!? He's lucky that worked out for him and Ramos didn't run back into the dugout and start crying!

I'm very interested in seeing what they'll do tonight. RA Dickey is not your typical righthanded starter. He's never been a challenge for righties to hit even before becoming a knuckleballer. It would be a nice start for Ramos and a good time to start stretching him out for longer stints. Problem is Chris Capuano, a lefty, will finish the series for the Mets. If Ramos starts tonight that will probably give him 4 starts in a row before sitting against Lincecum. They should do it, but I don't think they will. I'm thinking Pudge-Ramos-Pudge-Ramos for the next 4 games at least. Then maybe Ramos gets another double start against Cain. Maybe but only because Oswalt is likely to be next.

I would think THIS vs THIS should be self-evident. (all catchers are not created equal) but I'm not a veteran manager running a 10-12 clubhouse. Prove me wrong Riggs. Prove me wrong.

UPDATE : Proven Wrong It's silly to say my blog post on last Thursday was the impetus for this BUT THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED. I AM DRUNK ON POWER.

Anyway I'm going to hold off on the "told ya so"s for another couple starts but this is starting to look like the recovery year I thought it would be for Zimmermann. Which isn't terrible as long as he shows progress and seems healthy at year's end. I've said this before but if the Nats come out of this year with Ramos, Espinosa, and ZNN all showing they can be full-time major leaguers without a doubt, the season is a win regardless of the record. (OK there's a couple other things - Strasburg comes along on sched, Werth has a decent year, Zimm is not seriously hurt - but all in all I'm not asking for much here). Speaking of Ryan, how bad is it offensively for the Nats without Zimm? In the past 14 days Jerry Hairston is 2nd on the team in BA and OBP.

OK the Nats REALLY need to win tonight. A loss puts them right back into last place and well, I just don't want to see that for as long as possible. The Nats have only spent 5 games in last this year and it's been a welcome change even if it is kind of meaningless. For reference sake here is the date the Nats took a stranglehold on last, the game # it was, and how many total times they left the field in last.

2005: Oct 1st - Game 161 - 13 games
2006: Jul 5th - Game 86 - 87 games
2007: N/A* - N/A - 112 games
2008: April 10th - Game 10 - 154 games
2009: April 8th - Game 3 - 160 games
2010: Jun 11th - Game 62 - 109 games

Its been a long time since the Nats could say they spent more games out of the cellar than in it. Let's make 2011 special, huh?

*The Marlins ended up holding onto last from Aug 20th on. However the team does get credit for never being better than 4th in the division, not even for a day.


NattyDC said...

Whats the deal with Riggs pulling ZNN at 73 pitches in the 6th inning? I think it cost the game. Why go with a mid-reliever over yoru starter. I think he does it too oftern...over thinks/manages the pitchers. I said it a couple weeks ago and Ill say it again... FIRE RIGGLEMAN.

Regardless, Morse stinks and made a half-arse effort at catching the ball. Either dive and try to get it or make sure it doesnt get past you and you hold the baserunners. He did neither. Hes miserable.

The Nats are becoming painful to watch - again.

bdrube said...

I hear you, Natty. I was thinking about using my Red Carpet Rewards to get Diamond Club seats for a game this weekend since we don't have tickets to another game until the next homestand. But the Nats are so painful to watch without Zimmerman in the lineup that I think I'll wait until after he returns. :(

Harper said...

Natty DC - I think Riggs didn't want to saddle ZNN with a big loss on his record. He wasn't fooling anyone this game, so he took a chance. My question is why was it Slaten and not Burnett? If you really felt that it was important enough to pull ZNN - that it was a possible game changing moment, you have to go with your best guy

Morse is not a great fielder so he has to hit. That's it.

bdrube - if it's nice in DC I'd go. Next homestand could be low 90s and humid.