Nationals Baseball: Best team eva (eva = since 2005)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Best team eva (eva = since 2005)

Like Ms. Spano said, "There's never any time" but the Nats have been too good to just be silent so here's their record the past 6 seasons after 72 games

2011: 35-37
2010: 33-39
2009: 22-50 (Jesus Christ! Why are any of you still following this team? Come back when they are officially good. You earned it.)
2008: 29-43
2007: 30-42
2006: 32-40

Pretty pathetic. The 2010 Nats were as close as 2 games under up until game 64. Then they went into a 2-11 tailspin. Basically if the Nats can cross July 1st within 8 games of .500 (which they will unless they go 1-8 or 0-9) they'll be the best July / post 81 game team since 2005. (2010 was still at 9 games under on Jul 7th. the 2007 squad pulled themselves up to the same 9 games under plateau as late as August 5th. Yes these are the goals history has set for the Nats. It's like a 2 foot high jump.)


Nathan said...

I'm so excited! I'm so... scared!

Wally said...

Yeah, I am feeling the excitement too. Still can't see how we get anywhere without some kind of improvement in CF, though. I can think of three CFs that may be available and have some value beyond just an immediate upgrade. What do you think? Would you do any of them and in what order (trying to be realistic about the value of our own prospects). Bernie goes in each trade as a way to give back a useful low cost OF. They are listed in my order of preference, and I am borderline on whether I would do C.
A. Denard Span for Bernadina, Lombardozzi and Peacock. Unclear whether this is enough to get it done, and gotta wait for Span to prove that he is over the concussion.
B. Michael Bourn for Hood, Bernadina and Robbie Ray.
C. BJ Upton for Clippard and Bernadina.

Alternatively, here is another one in a different direction:
Reyes for Desmond, Peacock and Bernie (assuming a window to sign Reyes to an extension).

This is fun.

Harper said...

Nathan - appropriate response to the Nationals almost being good

Wally - Bernadina hasn't been terrible, but agreed if this team were to compete THIS year then a trade would be needed (now is that the best idea... I doubt it)

A. Yes - great fielder with enough patience to make him not horrid if the BA drops. Signed reasonably through 2015. I also think the Twins might do it with their depth in the OF and so-so MI depth. Rishy deal both ways as Peacock and Steve look good but aren't guarantees.

B. If I thought the Nats were sure to compete this year or next I guess so. Doesn't excite me for either team. If I were the Astros though I'd hold out for something better. Hood just hasn't broken out like you'd like him too.

C. Yes. but that's more about how I feel about reliever and Bernie than Upton. Upton is 26 and has the talent in him to be special. I don't see that in Bernadina. Worst case in my mind is they break even. Any better play by Upton and it'll cover Clippard's loss. Rays would want more though.

D. Mets can get more for Reyes. Nats need more than a rental and I don't trust Reyes to stay even with a window to deal. I'd need a promise of an extension then yes.

Anonymous said...

Wally/Harper: Option C - Never. Bernadina is better than Upton, both offensively and defensively. And effort-wise. And on the basepaths. And in the clubhouse.

And Clippard is the best non-closer RP in baseball. He could close for 10-15 MLB teams. He's only 26, sign him to an extension.

Harper said...

Anon - there was a reason Upton was a #1 pick. The potential with him is great. Bernadina is NOT better defensively. Offensively Upton has slipped terribly and only now would you consider them comparable. Upton has made himself as good on the basepaths as Bernadina.


"Upton as a flop" = Bernadina

(I can't speak on effort or clubhouse matters, which do seem to matter a fair amount to Rizzo)

Hoo said...

If the this team is to compete this year, then Werth has to come around. Right now, Bernadina is outslugging Werth! (to say nothing of BA/OBP etc). Werth is our worst performing outfielder! Granted, there's no way that this remains the same but....

Be interesting to see where players are in August but it's possible team only needs 2 position players, 1 OF and 1 infielder.

Anonymous said...

Bullpen help!

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