Nationals Baseball: OK one more thing

Thursday, June 23, 2011

OK one more thing

Charlie Slowes says "unbelievable" for a lot of things that are completely believable.


Hoo said...

Riggs resigning today counts as unbelievable. Of course he was screwed over by mgement by not being given a token extension.

But I'm not sure that anyone expects Riggs to have a huge leverage given his career record.

Anonymous said... gotta hope that it doesn't deflate everything. Unbelievable.

Donald said...

Definitely odd timing. If the Nats continue to win then Riggleman won't be missed and won't get credit. If the Nats start to lose, he's more likely to get blamed for walking out than anything else. Don't see a big 'draft Jim Riggleman' campaign getting underway.

DezoPenguin said...

Yeah, that's what gets me. He leaves while his team is red-hot because management won't give him an extension? It's almost like he figured that now is when he'll look the best and if they're not going to give it to him now they'll never give it to him.

But this just looks awful for him all around. Like Donald said, if the Nats keep winning the conclusion will be that Riggleman didn't matter, if they start losing he'll look like a heel for "causing" it, and beyond that, quitting your job mid-season is not a good way to convince some other employer to hire you for the same job (not to mention that potential players for him will wonder if he'll bail on them in the same way).

I have no idea if the lack of an extension counts as being screwed by management or just that it's a good idea to wait until after the season to start talking about contract negotiations*, but Riggleman comes off as a major heel for doing this.

*Personally, I like the Pujols, et al attitude: negotiate in the offseason, play baseball during the season. Period.

In related news, one guesses that Jayson Werth isn't Riggleman's biggest fan...

KillerTestudo said...

Id have to say that it makes both sides look pretty bad. Riggs probably did deserve another shot, but honestly, whats wrong with Rizzo wanting to wait till the all-star break or later? This is the best the Nats have played under Riggo, and doesn't really provide any proof that he's guided the nats around the corner (small sample size, to say the least). I feel bad that Rizzo maybe couldn't work with him a little bit, but at the same time, for him to abandon the team in the way he did isn't going to make him the new hot commodity for coaching vacancies. He'll still just be a transitional manager until a team can find someone better, if that. That might not be entirely fair, but I think he sunk his only ship with this.