Nationals Baseball: It's Davey

Friday, June 24, 2011

It's Davey

says the Rocket man.

I love Davey Johnson. I think it's a great choice.

Was that the plan all along ? Hard to see that since Davey's been with the team since Nov '09. I guess they could have had a handshake deal that Johnson would take over the team when they got good, or maybe Rizzo brought him on thinking that he might be able to convince him to take on a team, but only if it's a winner... eh we're getting a bit too much into conspiracy theories for me. Easier to believe they needed a manager and Davey was there.

If you're worried about the length of time off for Davey (He last coached in 2000. That was back when the Yankees were good, if you can believe it!) I did a quick search and found 17 post war managers that had a layoff as long. A couple were big failures but the majority coached 'em up the same as before. Which in Davey's case is very good.


kick me in the GO NATS said...

I not 100% behind the pick. He managed the METS when every player was on blow. He has a knack of pissing off owners and fans. He is close friend of Bowden from the REDS days. On the other hand, he likes to take over very talented under performing teams mid season and turning them into winners. Maybe he can do it again.

Will DeBoer said...

As a die-hard Mets fan, I congratulate you guys on getting Davey Johnson. He truly is one of the best managers in the game, and it's gonna be really fun seeing him work with Strasburg, Harper, etc. in the next few years.

Donald said...

I like Davey Johnson. I grew up a Mets fan and watched almost every game in '86 when they won the series. I'm excited by the decision and said all along that Riggleman wasn't the right guy for the job.

Donald said...

One more thing to add. After last night's wild game and the hiring of Davey Johnson, here's hoping that we quickly forget Riggleman and the drama.

So here's the big interview question I'd have asked Davey -- what are you going to do differently? Anyone have a guess?

Wally said...

I think Davey has been coaching Team USA in the WBC, so at least he isn't completely cold and has had some connection with the players.

I don't think the layoff will be a big deal. Good move.

DCNatty said...

Love it. Love Davey and the fact that a possible distraction/bad situation turned into a - "hey look whos running the club now" think this will convert some O's fans that live in DC to see the light and jump on the Nats bandwagon?

back to the game...hope Gorzo's last start wasnt indicative of what we'll see today....Its simply AMAZING they are doing this with Werth being horrible at the plate and Zimmerman being avergae at best. Imagine if they can get it going? Just keep winning series.

Watching a team win sure as hell is more fun then what we've had to watch the past 3 yrs.

DCNatty said...

PS. have any stats on a teams winning a game in which they have 3 blown saves?!? has to be a record...or at least close.

Nattydread said...

Any speculation about what Riggleman knew about Rizzo's managerial hiring plans? Maybe he had heard rumors about who Rizzo wanted. Boswell seems to be insinuating that.

With what Jimmy knew he felt he was a lame duck --- and THAT'S what he wanted the Chicago conversation with Rizzo to be about...

In any case, glad this is behind us and I am totally on board with DJ.

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