Nationals Baseball: Thank you Mark DeRosa

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thank you Mark DeRosa

For being the age you are (in other words - older than me). 

This team is so young!  They are all babies! Literally the team can't play noon games on a weekend because it's nap time.  Lombardozzi hits a home run and Davey Johnson has to carry him in a Baby Bjorn around the bases. Chris Marrero is out indefinitely with a bad case of diaper rash.  (but seriously when/if Bryce makes the team - he IS so young.  He has no memory of the baseball strike. There has always been a wild card. He has no memory of the hideous awful time when the Yankees weren't good (I still love you Roberto Kelly!). Kristi Yamaguchi is like Peggy Fleming to him.  It's crazy!)


Anonymous said...

Great...Now I feel old. Geez, I'm only 35.

Seriously, now that I'm "old" by professional athlete standards, I can see why some guys hold on too long. I don't feel like I can't do anything I did 15 years ago. Father time can be cruel.

Kenny B. said...

At first I thought this post was trying to be facetious in a "the team isn't as young as everybody thinks," kind of way. Then I followed the link, and jeez! Bryce was born the year Clinton was elected! There are only a few players on the team older than my little sister.

I suppose it's time I start referring to the young players as "kids," like a good aging baseball fan.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like being able to mistake your team for kids running the bases after the game.

Harper said...

Anon #1 - just 35, 35-49. welcome to demographic middle age. Hmm I guess I can be cruel too.

Kenny B. - I know! There are like 6 guys on the 40 man over 30. That's actually pretty exciting.

Anon #2 - Better than mistaking them for the grandparents of those kids.

blovy8 said...

I was gonna say thank you Mark DeRosa for being the only oufielder besides Morse who could hit .270.