Nationals Baseball: Don't worry about losing Pudge

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Don't worry about losing Pudge

Wil Nieves : .224 / .224 / .328
Pudge in May : .233 / .242 / . 350

As good as Pudge was in April he was basically just single-ing all over the place. That's helpful but it wasn't carrying the offense. As long as they can keep the "Big Three" in the lineup and someone else happens to be doing well at that moment, that's enough to keep them in games.


Senator81 said...

POOR POST - Youre just looking at offense...DEFENSE is how Pudge made his name. No one can call a game better than Pudge. Read and learn something about baseball before writing a post. this blog is a joke.

Harper said...

If you want to argue that the Nats will miss Pudge's arm & reputation in cutting down SB numbers... well you're right. Wil Nieves is no Pudge. But in nearly every game that isn't going to be the difference maker.

If you want to argue they'll miss his calling of a game, well there's nothing to argue there. There is no good evidence that supports that catchers matter in this respect.(on the flip side, no one feels strongly about the relatively weak evidence that catchers DON'T matter, either) Either you believe what you've been told or you don't.

Posting as Bote Man said...

There is no good evidence that supports that catchers matter in this respect.

What an idiot. Olsen himself told Byron Kerr that one of the keys to his improvement this year over last was Pudge calling his games? Most of the SP's they have carried over from last year. Most all have improved except for Lannan who insists on Nieves. D'oh!

Senator 81 said...

Also an idiot...a good catcher that shuts down an opponents running game, CAN and most often IS a difference maker. Just look at the stats and lack of stolen bases for the Nats in their last road trip.

again...this blog is a joke

Anonymous said...

Defense from Pudge maybe a mute point as the Nats will play 3 of the 4 lowest scoring team in the NL during the 10 game road trip. Also other then the Padres leading the NL with 52 sb the Giants have 18 at last place for the NL and the Astros have 21 so a solid game plan needs to be in place for the Padres and the Nats should be fine with Nieves.

Bryan said...

"again.... this blog is a joke."

And yet you've managed to post not one but two comments!

Hoo said...

"Olsen himself told Byron Kerr that one of the keys to his improvement this year over last was Pudge calling his games?"

Anecdotal evidence is not evidence.

I believe Harper is discussing the fact that there's no evidence of catchers quickly dropping a pitcher's ERA. I'm sure some pitchers feel better with some guys but I'd be interesting in seeing stats on it.

Harper said...

Let me be clear that I am talking about losing Pudge for at most 15 games, not for an extended period of time. Pudge is better both offensively and defensively than Nieves and over the course of a full season that will matter in some not insignificant way. (not to mention that Wil Nieves' new backup Carlos Maldonado, is presumably no Wil Nieves)

As for Olsen's comments, they are opinion. Certainly his opinion matters more than mine, but what we want to see are facts and the facts do not back up the case that pitchers do better with Pudge as opposed to other catchers. Currently the staff has a 4.99 ERA with Pudge behind the plate and a 3.52 ERA with Wil Nieves. Last season, Texas pitchers pitched nearly a run worse with Pudge than Taylor Teagarden.

This isn't to say either of these catchers are better at calling a game than Pudge, (I'm sure I can cherry pick some rather impressive looking Pudge years) rather that how a ptiching staff does - does not seem to follow along with any particular catcher. It is far more important who is on the mound than who is behind the plate.

Anonymous said...

Keep fighting the good fight.