Nationals Baseball: I swear this could be a Mad Libs column

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I swear this could be a Mad Libs column

On ESPN today, Aaron Boone has a column on why the Nats are winning. Some of it is valid points you've heard before (Clip & Save, Livan, prospects) and some of it is veteran nonsense and well whatever - that's what happens when teams win a bit more than expected. We search for reasons and a fair amount of people settle on old tropes. But take a look at this sentence.
Rizzo also has made a commitment to improving Washington's defense, adding players like Nyjer Morgan and Adam Dunn to combat the club's error-laden past.
Adam Dunn? ADAM DUNN?


Commenter Hoo brings up the point that it was probably a simple mistake meaning Adam KENNEDY not Adam Dunn. That makes a ton more sense. Aaron Boone and his bionic heart are absolved. Next case!


Hoo said...

I'm assuming Aaron meant Kennedy but accidently put in Dunn. I do that myself. Still kinda funny.

THx for looking at the gamescore extreme scores. Good stuff and some nice validation from some impressions. Not complete absolution but a bit more understandable.

Harper said...

Good point. Has to be.