Nationals Baseball: what the?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

what the?

That happens to those gusy over there! Not these guys over here!


Hoo said...

I think we can forget Riggs leaving his starters in later than Acta
. I was surprised that he pulled Olsen in the 6th. He had used 5 relievers day before and to rely on the relievers for another 4 IP means that he's burning a lot of pen guys with no off days anytime soon.

Clippard is either having a big time regression to his mean or is breaking down before our eyes. Probably a combo of both.

Harper said...

My guess is that he was thinking both Franceour and Barajas had hit Olsen before AND Olsen had been skating on thin ice in several innings. Rather than let the Mets get back in it - close the door now. Not saying that was the best idea but it worked. I'm more curious about pulling Walker for Slaten. I didn't see the need for that. And if you don't do that you don't need Bruney in the 8th. And no Bruney means no tired Clippard

Hoo said...

Yep, but I'd given Olsen just enough rope to see if he could get the next 2 guys without giving up another baserunner.

I'm a bit bewildered by the forcefeeding of Bruney instead of Walker. Walker is the designated longman, but he's much more effective than the Brunster. Walker's has a bad ERA partly b/c of a few bad early starts and also b/c he gets to be the designated bail the bad starter out guy.

Pulling Walker simply b/c you want a lefty matchup vs Alex Cora? Over managing.

Fun times today with only Burnette/Capps available as everyoen else but Clippard has already gone twice in a row. And Clipps really doesn't need any work today.

Hoo said...

FWIW, I figure Walker/Batista are available today but you really would a 7 IP game today.

Harper said...

I kind of think riggleman overmanages relief pitching every game - you don't HAVE to rely on Clip & Save for every close game. But it has worked so far, so... umm forgot my point.

Mets completely saved the Nats today going after everything Stammen threw in innings 3 & 4 after he had 41 pitches in the first two innings. A little patience and they could have forced the bullpen situation a good 2 innings earlier.

Eric said...

Riggleman reminds me of Mr. Burns on the Simpsons softball episode when he pinch hits Homer for Ken Griffey, Jr because of the righty/lefty matchup, even though as Griffey said "But I've hit 4 home runs today".

Sad really...too many double switches, over use of the bullpen and too much foolhardy baserunning, does Riggleman get paid by the move or something?

Hoo said...

Nats helped out Pelfrey too. Nieves popping up the first pitch when Pelfrey was over 110 pitches in the 6th. Bad job right there. considering Pelfrey hadn't thrown that much all year.

In comparison, look at old Charlie's use of Halladay. Roy was done in the 7th and got left in too long and the Phils lost. I think the Nats have a better pen than the Phils. We're topheavy but I'd take Clip/Capps over Durbin/Lidge or whoever.

Overall, I'm still concerned that Rigs is managing this team like baseball is a 80 game season...or he knows that his team gets completely retooled in 4 weeks.