Nationals Baseball: Fashion Show Betting Odds

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fashion Show Betting Odds

Yes, this has nothing to do with baseball, but anyone that's been reading me for a while knows I can't get past a bad headline when I see one. For example :

This story about Strawberry Shortcake


Also tonight is new uni night!

Some Odds:
2 to 1 : Mock-ups of new uniforms released to the press feature digitally modified shots of Carlos Pena and Brandon Webb.
8 to 1 : Kasten shows up on E!'s "Fashion Police", quoted saying "Somebody call Snooki because this was a total Jersey 'Snore', am I right?"
10 to 1
: One of Clippard, Storen, or Zimmermann tears a shoulder muscle putting on the uniform and is out for 2011.
20 to 1 : All the Nats players come out wearing jerseys with "Lee" on the back
5 to 1 : It's for Derek Lee.
30 to 1 : Both home and away uniforms are vest designs because sleeves aren't free people!
100 to 1 : Pudge puts on uniform backward and buttoned incorrectly, tells media he has at least 4 good years of modeling left in him.
5 to 3 : Giving in to BP shagging Mark Lerner's demands the new uniforms feature slimming pinstripes and the pants are relaxed fit with a hidden tummy tuck panel.


Wally said...

Beyond the Box Score just ranked Pudge the second best defense catcher, behind only Yadier of the Flying Molina Brothers. I know that you view him as the walking dead, but I am inclined to agree with the above average defensive assessment, although being able to place someone as second best (as opposed to grouping a few of them into comparable levels) seems like an overconfidence in numbers.

Harper said...

Yeah 2nd is a little high (I think with a higher workload you'd see more wear and tear leading to more misteps) but I'll agree he IS still good defensively. He's still quick blocking and while he might not have the arm he used to, it's still good enough to make runner respect him as if he had that old arm.

If somehow Pudge could be DH'd for, I COULD see how he could last 4 years (well...maybe not four...) playing 120 games or so. Unfortunatley he can't be. He just had a year when he was arguably offensively the worst more than half-time catcher and he was LUCKY this year.