Nationals Baseball: Memo to anyone drafted by the Diamondbacks from 1998-2006

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Memo to anyone drafted by the Diamondbacks from 1998-2006

De La Rosa
He's getting the band back together. Finally the Deep Blue Something reunion America has been waiting for.

(Yes, the pic is terrible. I apologize. I can do better.)


Wally said...

Plus Webb. And now the D'Backs are listening on Upton.

I doubt they go after De Le Rosa because he is Type A. I don't think Rizzo would give up a pick for him. Some others, but not him. I like Rizzo, but his public statements appear more like lip service to appease fanbase than most GMs (at least since the 'I just got tired of watching him' honesty). So I have stopped listening.

I do like Uggla, although with him rejecting the Florida 4/$48m offer (and me not wanting the Nats to go longer or higher), he really is just a 1 yr rental and I can't see the point.

Harper said...

One half the fan-base can call them the "D-backs East", the other half... "R-Backs"?

I think it's a little more than lip service by Rizzo. I think he's tossing every reasonable thought out there in a concerted effort to be different than the calculated half-truths of Kasten. But it still leads to a bit of zoning out if you follow the team.

I like Uggla better than De La Rosa. Uggla is going to be good at the plate and can help provide a little pop to replace what they'll lose when Dunn walks. Plus it frees up Desmond or Espinosa for a deal (assuming they don't go to FLA) But as Nationals Enquirer points out - there goes the D if you do that.

Wally said...

Well, maybe I am colored by the "Re-signing Adam Dunn is my first option for 1B" comments. I don't think it is about money; I don't believe that he wants Dunn at all. I don't mind the decision as much as the rhetoric denying what looks obvious.

You know, with all these potential trades, JZimm is almost untouchable in my mind, except for J. Upton. He is the only guy I have seen discussed so far that I would put both JZimm and Norris in a deal for.

Wally said...

Seems like the Nats could have met that Braves price for Uggla

Harper said...

Does make you wonder how serious the Nats were. More likely is that an Uggla trade, for the Nats, was one step in two or three deals to change up the team and without getting those in place you can't pull the trigger on this deal.

Also a good guess : Rizzo passed Ladson in the hall and said "Hey, I hear Uggla isn't coming back. We might be interested if you need something to write about"