Nationals Baseball: Hey look! I was right about something!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hey look! I was right about something!

De La Rosa should be signed any minute now. It's down to Webb and Pavano now, and really, it was only ever Webb. The question is whether Rizzo will try to pass Webb off as the front of the rotation guy he brought up or if he'll make a deal for a hurler like Garza or Shields. Any of those three could be that type of pitcher, but they could also be another (un-injured) Marquis-like arm, just eating innings with average pitching.

Also, as commenter Wally noted we'll find out about Dunn's arbitration acceptance or non-acceptance today not next week, so stay tuned for that (if you can't wait to hear the words "Dunn rejects Nats arbitration offer".)

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