Nationals Baseball: Bizzo? Rowden?

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Bizzo? Rowden?

It was cute for a while, this Bowden impression, but signing Alex Cintron, that's going too far. That makes me want to send Anthony Hopkins out to Viera to see if Rizzo has been demonically possessed by Bowden's spirit. (And yes I mean really Anthony Hopkins - it's not like Rizzo is actually possessed so what's a priest going to do? Sir Anthony would be fun).

For those that don't know Alex has basically failed out of baseball in the past two years, sucking it up with the Nats in 2009 and in Buffalo in 2010. If you weren't sure Buffalo still does not have a major league franchise. He's 31, toolsy and played for Rizzo's former team. It's Bowden redux.

I can see bringing in Coffey and Meredith - you always need arms. Ankiel and Nix both have something to offer (though it's pretty much the same thing and you got it much cheaper from one than the other). But Hairston and Cora? Does the team have a quota for 35 yr old middle infielders? And now Cintron?

I know it doesn't hurt the team, not really. Minor league deals are a dime a dozen. Still it doesn't mean you should waste that precious playing time on guys who haven't been good since Buffy the Vampire Slayer was still on the air.


Matt said...

Have you looked at the comments thread for the post last night over on Nats Insider? According to Mark, Cintron does NOT have a ST invite, and is basically going to be deep-sixed in AAA in case the arms of the 7 or 8 guys ahead of him on the depth all simultaneously fall off.

In that context, I have no problems with this signing. I really really hope he never gets and MLB AB next year, but cheap insurance like this is always a good thing.

Harper said...

I get it but isn't there a 28 year old guy that hasn't failed for the Nats already out there somewhere?