Nationals Baseball: Math Problem

Monday, February 21, 2011

Math Problem

How does this work?

There are 162 games for 15 set of teams (30 divided by 2 since it takes two to tango) * 170 minutes (in 2009 the average length of a game was 2 hours and 51 minutes)

That is...413,100 minutes.

Ok well the number of minutes in a day is 24 hours * 60 minutes or 1440 minutes. So it would take... 413,100 minutes / 1440 minutes to watch every game or... 287 days. Hmm the average baseball season is no more than 270 days long (no baseball in Dec/Jan/Feb)- really a lot closer to 210 days. Hmm I guess they could watch the games in "Speedo-vision" where they take out the inbetween pitches. That cuts games a lot, so maybe it's possible, but I didn't count in holidays.. or weekends... or sleep.

I assume MLB is putting you in a room with a bunch of TVs so you can "watch" all the games at once, not one at a time. Still it would be at least 8 hours a day (7ET - 11 PT) almost every day from April 1st to Oct 30th. I love baseball but that sounds awful.


Anonymous said...

Isn't having to watch all Pirate games a violation of the Geneva Convention?

Harper said...

You want torture? There's a clause in the contract that you are of drinking age. Imagine a whole baseball season drinking nothing but Bud Select 55.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that a scene in "Clockwork Orange"?

Harper said...

Nothing ruins Ludwig Von then a lineup with Garret Jones, Lastings Milledge, Ronny Cedeno, and Andy LaRoche set to it.

(coincidentally they were all in the lineup against Strasburg along with Delwyn Young and back-up catcher Jason Jaramillo - yikes.)