Nationals Baseball: Twelve-Sided Bryce

Monday, February 28, 2011

Twelve-Sided Bryce

Yes the headline makes no sense. I kind of want to exhaust all bad Bryce headlines before he even gets out of Spring Training so prepare for even dumber ones over the next couple weeks.

Today is National(s) Bryce Day - He's going to come off the bench during the Mets game. Other than not getting beaned in the head, I should be ambivalent to his performance. It is meaningless Spring Training. But dammit if the media blitz hasn't sacked my attention. (See what I did there? I'm a terrible writer! It's not even a sentence!) I'll be listening this afternoon. Of course I probably would have anyway, I work better with background noise, but I'll actually pay attention when Bryce is up.

I'm a sucker, at least for one day.

Update - Bryce can't handle the TANK (Dennis Tankersley). 3 pitch K. Right after Morse went deeeep. What did you expect? A home run every time up?

Igarashi got him in the 9th, with another K. GAME OVER FOLKS!!! Trade him for bench help!


Hoo said...

So um, man that Mike Morse looked good! And with no protection from that Harper kid at all. Otoh, Harper is no Tony Plush.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they can trade with the White Sox for Lasting Millege.

Donald said...

Morse and Bernadina both looked very good. The competition in LF is heating up. Desmond had a great day too. Nice to feel optimism for now.