Nationals Baseball: DL Wangly

Monday, February 14, 2011

DL Wangly

Yes that's a DL Hughley joke. Yes, it's also possibly funnier than anything that was ever on "The Hughleys".

For those wondering where Wang was in the rotation discussion well here you go. Starting the season on the DL very likely. The guy hasn't pitched in the majors since early July 2009. He's still has yet to throw off a mound. (Ed note - He threw in the instructional league - that had to be off a mound, right?) I'm not going to take Wang in the rotation seriously until he at least has a couple decent minor league starts, contract or no contract.


Todd Boss said...

For what its worth, Wang to the DL actually helps everyone out. He's out of options and would have had to pass through waivers to go to AAA to begin with.

If he's really healthy, lets put him on a month long rehab tour of the minors and give him a shot to replace whatever of the poo-poo platter of 5.00 ERA starters we have right now falters first.

Hoo said...

I'm not sure who will be better for lowering the ERA purposes for the Nats. The '10 Wang or the '11 Wang. Rizzo really thinks that Wang fits the groundball hoovering Nats infield.

Harper said...

I agree it's a good move. I just have a hard time actively considering Wang in the rotation until he pitches against some bats that care.