Nationals Baseball: Prosecution's Closing Statement

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Prosecution's Closing Statement

Boz takes questions and in with making up stuff about David Eckstein that didn't happen like he says* and talk of chemsity and stuff, he tries to defend Davey's Kozma non-decision:
"Davey said (last week) that he didn't want to walk the bases full and risk walking in the winning run. What he didn't say is that a .167 pitcher vs a rookie hitter ought to be an overmatch."
True enough, but that removes all context from the game.  Here are some other facts :
  • Drew had just gone walk, walk, single (albeit to a lefty). 
  • He had just blown the lead for his team in the top of the 9th of the deciding game. 
  • He was up to 22 pitches, had appeared in the previous two games, and had thrown 26 pitches the day before. 
  • Kozma had seen Storen in both previous games. He had lined out and walked. 
  • By walking Kozma you would either force the Cardinals closer, Jason Motte, out of the game, or force him to hit.
  • If Motte was removed for a PH, as expected, arguably their top 4 relievers would be out of the game. The Cardinals also had also already used Boggs, Mujica, and Rosenthal. 
.167 vs rookie says "keep Storen in and pitch to Kozma".

EVERYTHING ELSE says "no, don't do that".

*So he says basically the Angels were down 5-0, Dusty gives Ortiz the game ball, Eckstein goes crazy and whips the Angels into a frenzy. They comeback win game and series. Except I can find ZERO stories on line that tell that story. You know the media loves Eckstein with an undying passion. If that had happened it'd be noted somewhere right? Instead I get Tim Salmon saying the game ball thing didn't matter. Plus when Ortiz was pulled there were two men on and Spezio, the next guy up, hit a homer so what did Eckstein do? Run out to the plate and start screaming in Spezio's face?  Eckstein gets enough love for not growing tall and running around a lot.  Let's not give him credit where it's completely not due, ok? 


David said...

Please stop making me revisit that game.

Harper said...

Sorry. Ummm here's Werth hitting that HR.

Anonymous said...

Although I would miss your posts, the Marlin's manager's job is open.

Harper said...

They couldn't pay me en... wait how much do managers make?

I'll be down in 5 hours.

Section 222 said...

Exactly right. Everyone and his brother is covering for Davey on that one. Getting Motte out of the game for the 9th was worth whatever risk there was of a walk or basehit by the PH. And if Motte is the hitter, the game remains tied. Davey played a hunch and got burned, that's pretty much the bottom line.

Froggy said...

I agree with Sec 222, Davey played a hunch. Actually, he played two hunches...Ejax in the 7th, and not walking Kozma to get Motte out of the game. I'm more good with the latter than the first.

Too bad he didn't have that never to be mentioned again, fireballing righthander to go to out of the bullpen. heh, heh...(kidding)

Chaz R said...

I agree with David... I'm trying to move on... plus today, I'm starting at the damn St. Louis flag over the Wilson Building in DC- UGH

calindc said...

David Eckstein was just as responsible for the Angels comeback as the rally monkey. Wait a minute...WAIT ONE MINUTE! Eckstein and that monkey are about the same height and we never did see them in the same room together....

blovy8 said...

Kozma killed us, but I wouldn't second-guess it so much. He was down 1-2 to a guy with good stuff who could then try to make his pitch. Motte is good but he's not friggin Mo Rivera where you have to be afraid of him. They have five guys with 95 mph heaters in that pen, I think it's debatable that it would be worth putting another runner on and testing Storen's control even more. It was a slap hit, just like getting friggin hits of a glove or not getting check swing calls, etc.

But I'm not bitter.

Nope, not me.