Nationals Baseball: Quick calls on tonight's series

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Quick calls on tonight's series

Detroit v Oakland 

Neither offense is really good, the Tigers are Prince/Miggy heavy while the A's are more balanced so the A's have a little edge there.  The A's also have a defensive edge.  The Tigers aren't as bad as you might think despite their corner infielders of doom, but the A's are good. The A's have good starters and a shutdown pen,while the Tigers have a great 1 and a very good 2, it kind of falls apart after that.

So of course I like the Tigers.  Why? Because Verlander is too good to not dominate a series at least once right? Right?

Cincinnati vs San Francisco

In your head you think Cincy=mashes it, SF= great pitching, but in reality the Reds have the better pitching and the Giants the better hitting.  You could argue the Giants should be able to squeak out enough runs and pitch around Votto so they can take the series. I'm not so sure.

I think the whole thing comes down to if the Reds can split the first two games.  The Giants Top 3 are good pitchers but fall off alot once you take them out of their home stadium.  The Reds hitting may not be great but put them up vs mortal guys and I think they can do enough to be the ones scoring just enough runs, while their pen shuts the Giants down.  In a normal series I like them to win at least two of the games in Cincinnati.

So I'll say they split 1 & 2 and take Cincy.


Donald said...

So far your prediction is looking pretty solid.

Angels13 said...

Home team hasn't won one yet.......

Beckypajz said...

So far your prediction is looking pretty solid.