Nationals Baseball: Told you

Monday, October 01, 2012

Told you



Angels12 said...

Sorta hate to back in like that...........but at least it's over!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being right!

I'll be in the front row of 104 for playoff game #1!


Kenny B. said...

Oh, shut up and have some more champagne.

Now for that 2-game race with the Reds. I want it all!

Josh A said...


Froggy said...

I knew we would do it...just like I said it was going to happen! Now I'm drinking Laphroig 18yo single malt.

ahh victory is sweet!

10 rows up sec 130, seats 7,8,9,10


Donald said...

Awesome! And I don't feel like we backed in, even though I would have preferred a win last night with the dog-pile at the mound. We're in because of winning 96 games not because of losing 1.

If there's a rain out today, it'll throw all of the pitching rotation out of whack. Here's hoping for a break in the weather. Let Gio pitch 5 easy innings for his 22nd win.

Jeff Hayes said...

Harper - You are the most objective and balanced Nats blogger on the web. This confirms my belief that you are a valuable contributor.

Way to go!

Harper said...

Angels 12 - rather take it that get it handed to you, but they did travel a hell of a long way on their own to get to the point where they could reach it.

Chaos - hope you catch a Nats homer

Kenny B - my bottle was emptied last week. Honestly I want the Nats and Reds to go 2-0. Nats would take HFA, St. Louis could be knocked out for LA. Not a "rather face" thing, don't like St. Louis

Josh - definitely a real playoff series.

Froggy - drinking scotch in the stands? Nats concessions are high class.

Donald - yeah "backed in" isn't the right word - it's not like the Nats played bad and got here because some team played worse. Rainout? Well... you can be sure they'll try to get this game in. As long as Gio can start and get a few innings out there that should be enough.

Jeff - thanks. Now go celebrate with... I don't know, a Grand Slam Denny's breakfast.

WiredHK said...

Harper - You forgot to also take credit for getting the "2" right in Philly's score for last night's game. :)

I think my favorite aspect of the celebration last night was Harper (19) and Drake LaRoche (9) doing it up with sparkling cider. They are closer in age than Harper and dad Adam are - which is crazy!

Jeff Hayes said...

I was at the stadium last night and was captured on NBC4 in the team store buying a bunch of hats and t-shirts for the wife and kids. When the reporter asked me how I could afford so much stuff, I said "What else is money for". When my wife saw that, she laughed it off. When my son saw it, he yelled "money is for food". I already ate breakfast, but now I wish I had gone to Denny's for the Grand-Slam! Oh well, there is always next year!

I have tickets to the 1st home NLDS game. Section 137. I'm super excited.

Go Nats.

blovy8 said...

Going to be an icky day for baseball today, I think get Gio a little work, and let the scrubs do the rest. Especially with the hangovers that are bound to be apparent.
Reward the bench with some starts.

blovy8 said...

That was a new thing for me -cheering after a loss. I'm pretty sure I'll be toting a big o' overpriced crap outta the park tomorrow, and hoping that 20 percent coupon still works, Jeff.

WiredHK said...

Froggy and Jeff, I'll be in section 133 (row UU) right between you all for NLDS home game 1. Looks like we've got the 1B line covered. Cannot wait...

Donald said...

Just saw that Gio was scratched for today's game in favor of Gorzelanny. He'll be facing B.J. Rosenberg for the Phillies. During last night's broadcast, FP remarked several times how it was odd that the Phillies hadn't named today's starter yet. I'm guessing if the Braves had won, they'd be starting Cliff Lee on short rest.

Looks like Gio doesn't get a shot at 22 wins during the regular season. That probably tips the CY balance in Dickey's favor, particularly if he wins tonight and ties for the NL win lead at 21.

DezoPenguin said...

Makes more sense, though, to skip Gio; now that we know we're in, that means we want Gio fresh and ready to face Cain or (less likely) Hudson or (even less likely) whomever the Cards have for #2 or (least likely) whomever or whatever the Dodgers throw out there.

(Plus, West Coast trip or not, I'd honestly rather face the Melky-less Giants than Atlanta or St. Louis. There's nothing left but good opposition at this stage of the year, but even so it'd be nice to let Cincy have to deal with Medlen, Kimbrel, and their Amazing Friends this time around.

cass said...

Washingotn Nationals - 2012 National League East Champions.

It sounds so good. I wasn't able to go last night, but the crowd sounded awesome. Amazing how far this fanbase has come.

And thanks Harper for sticking to blogging about this team through all the years. Been reading you since what, 2005? I wish we could pry you away from your misguided Yankees love, but you've been a great blogger for years and one of the only ones to stick with it through the dark years.

Froggy said...

WiredHK, Jeff Hayes, Blovy8, Positively 1/2, Sec222, DezoPenguin, Cass, and the good Anonymous - and anyone else who posts on Nationals Baseball maybe we can link up at some point before the game and say hi to each other.

Hey Harper, if you are able to get to any of the post season games let us know. I MIGHT still owe you some beer remember? LoL!

Harper said...

WiredHK - see even more right! I'm like Jeanne Dixon over here.

Quick someone bring a 1-yr old and set up a pic with DeRosa and Bryce.

Jeff- So what you're saying is your son will have to eat Nationals NL East champion t-shirts.

blovy8 - uh on no Gio. Hopefully Gorzo and the rain doesn't kill the crowd.

Donald - I don't know. Then if it's needed in the last game Halladay or Hamels on short rest? I think they just hadn't really decided.

Dezo - that last ATL series really did a number on Nats fans. (plus how well they've played recently I'm sure)

cass - your welcome. glad people bother to read it so I'm not the internet equivalent of a crazy person shouting in the street.

Donald said...

Just because we come by to gawk doesn't mean you aren't the equivalent of a crazy person shouting in the street. Just saying..

WiredHK said...

Froggy - I'd be game for that. Pick a spot on the concourse maybe and a designated time (between certain innings?) and I'll come say Hi to anyone who posts here.

Kenny B. said...

Will be at the first home game: Sec. 237 Row K. Hoping for a massive Nats homer over the home bullpen to keep for my own.

So. Freaking. Pumped.

Nick said...

Greatest post ever.