Nationals Baseball: Still on vacation

Friday, June 07, 2013

Still on vacation

Oddly enough ran into the Nats offense yesterday. Man was that guy having a good time. I'm not sure he's ever coming back.

(Honestly the team NEEDS Bryce healthy. That's a game changer if he's out much longer. The drop off to the fill-in is huge and everyone else isn't going to have the years they had in 2012.  Bryce making up that regression was a big part of the offense remaining good.)


cass said...

Hope you're having fun.

And yes, the Nationals aren't coming close to the playoffs without Bryce. It's like in those pro wrestling tag team matches where one guy is getting destroyed and is doing everything they can to get back to their corner so they can tag in their partner. If only we can get to Bryce before being pummeled unconscious, he can come in and start wreaking havoc on our foes, maybe bouncing around the ring and smacking around multiple guys at once.

In statsy terms, if he's as capable as Mike Trout, he might add five wins in just half a season over a replacement player. And he'd definitely be replacing a replacement player.

Miles Treacy said...

i guess one positive is we can't loss ppd games. these are also helping out the pitching rotation.

Kenny B. said...

I'm thinking the Nats don't make the playoffs this year. We will live out our host's pre-season nightmare scenario.

I know I'm overly dramatic, but I just don't see how it happens when good players play badly and every one else plays really, really badly. We're into our third month of bad baseball, and I don't know where the production for wins is going to come from other than Bryce. It's not even really fair to expect that much from him.

I'll chalk it up to bad luck or injuries at the end of the season and look forward to 2014, but if 2014 is the same, it's time to answer the really serious questions.

Strasburger said...


I am now worried... not only are we as extremely die-hard, fact-scrutinizing fans worried, but the Nats themselves are running out of answers. If i hear Davey say "we'll get it going" one more time, I'm going to lose my mind. His coaching calls have been brutal lately.

How the hell do you not deactivate Espinosa and force him into shoulder surgery? I really just do not understand.

So frustrating. So, so frustrating to watch as this season slips through our fingers while awaiting what I'm sure will be bad news from Andrews on Bryce.

DezoPenguin said...

"Dr. James Andrews"...the three scariest words in sports.

But yes, without Bryce, this team is in serious trouble. Span, Werth, Zimmerman, Desmond, LaRoche, and Ramos/Suzuki are functional parts, but with the injuries and the early slumps, they won't be carrying anyone; Rendon's glove will cost us the minor upgrade that his bat gives over Espinosa unless he suddenly morphs into Robinson Cano, and the remaining OF spot is a sucking chest wound. The real problem is that with the minors so thin, there's little chance to try to make a midseason pick-up. And if injuries keep hampering the rotation, that's two guys starting every time through that couldn't beat Haren out for a rotation slot. This is looking awfully like a .500 team, these days, if that.

(When you're actually envying the offense of the mighty Astros by this point, something has gone horribly wrong somewhere.)

Clip&Store said...

When do pitchers and catchers report?

JonQuest said...

I'm less concerned. I think we've played far below potential so far, rather than those who seem to think the players we have are who they've been so far this year. Espinosa has been HORRIBLE, mostly due to injury I hope. Werth has missed a ton of time.

I think Shark is better than he's played so far. I think Rendon isn't much worse than a healthy Espinosa. I think Stras, Det and Ramos all make a huge difference and will be back soon.

Do we catch the Braves? It's looking less likely. Do we get a wildcard play-in game? I still think so.

Froggy said...

Don't hold your breath for good news on Bryce Nats fans. Bryce going to see Dr. Andrews is subsequent to him seeing the team surgeons and physical therapists who are scratching their heads saying to themselves: 'I don't want to be the guy to give the bad news that you need to have your knee drained and a month or more off.'

So, they say: 'you should go see the best guy there is and see what he says.'

And Dr Andrews NEVER recommends 15 days on the DL with rest, ice, compression and physical therapy. He's a world renown orthopedic surgeon for chrizzake!

The bright side is, Bryce has a vote and most likely since he is 20 and invincible, he will probably not want to get any surgery.

Ah, youth...

Froggy said...

Nice double header sweep! Now we have 100 games left and it's a new season where we must win 60 to be in contention for a WC. If we play like we did on Sunday I think we can do it.

Who's with me?

Kenny B. said...

I'm with you, Froggy, IF we can get Bryce back soon, and IF the rotation stays healthy, and IF Werth can stay on the field. Then I think it's possible. Not likely, but possible.

And my God, Jordan Zimmermann is having a good year. I hope he continues to be the model for Strasburg's career with the Nats.