Nationals Baseball: The mythical 3 game winning streak

Friday, June 14, 2013

The mythical 3 game winning streak

On May 10th, 34 days and 30 games ago, the Nats beat the Cubs 7-3 to bring their winning streak to 5 games. They were at 20-15, 1 game behind the Braves, and ready to take their place among the best teams in the league after a slow start. That would be the last time they'd win more than 2 games in a row. Tonight they get another chance to get over than hump.

It's going to be an interesting series. Cleveland fancied itself a legitimate playoff contender through late May but they've been terrible going 4-16 over a 20 game stretch before winning their last 2. One team is going to come out of this little 3 game stretch feeling like they are never going to get back in this thing. The Nats could easily sweep this. Going for the Indians are three arms the Nats should score on. Masterson has been struggling, Kasmir is no good, and Kluber is an emergency old prospect call-up. Going for the Nats are three guys (Gio, ZNN, Stras) that could shut down their potent offense.

I don't have much to say other than this lineup is much different when you feature only 2 guys who are bad (Catcher and OF) rather than four (Catcher, OF1, OF2, 2B). When (if?) Bryce comes back it might actually be good. Nine hits and 3 XBH. It feels like it's coming together. Let's see them continue it this weekend and gather some momentum before they get to the Phillies series and some good starters.


cass said...

Looks like the Nats might have kicked out at the two count and are staggering to their feet, heading back to their corner. Will Bryce recover from the steel chair to his knee in time to be there to tag in?

(Yes, I know I'm taking this too far.)

Really hope Desi keeps up his blistering hot streak. If he proves that last year was not a fluke, that'll be huge for the future. But I guess he's getting into his more expensive years, so it'll cost the Nats.

Will Cleveland's lefty lineup be a problem for Stras and Zimm? I guess, since they're aces, they should be expected to handle such things.

Kenny B. said...

You know, I recall last season the Nats got their offense back on track in Denver. Here's hoping we repeat that pattern this season.

Of course, in addition to the Nats having success, we will also need the Braves to keep faltering. With them playing a tough San Francisco team, a good series in Cleveland has potential to really get some upward momentum for the Nats.

And Cass, you have not gone too far. I've gotten pretty invested in this multi-thread tag team metaphor. Keep it going; it may be the only thing keeping this "hot streak" alive.

Erich said...

Given the pitching match-ups, 2 out of 3 seems very reasonable this weekend. Perhaps the concern is that Strasburg has lingering problems from the injury. I say that because the way the team has handled recent "minor" injuries has been less than stelar.

cass said...

Better not encourage me or I'll start describing everything in pro wrestling terms. Game 5? Obviously, Mike Matheny came up from behind and smashed Drew Storen in the head with the steel steps, knocking him out. Then a reeling Pete Kozma had just enough wits to cover him for the win while the announcers were screaming, "Not this way! Not this way!" and the audience looked on, stunned.

I've always thought Dibble would make a great pro-wrestling announcer. I'm not entirely convinced that wasn't exactly what he was going for when he was here.

Harper said...

cass - no way. What happened is after Storen walked Freese Davey started up the steps to pull Storen and then Bo Porter hit him from behind. He took off his jersey to show a "NL Central" shirt on underneath.

blovy8 said...

Storen obviously forgot to bring his foreign object out the mound.