Nationals Baseball: Added Value

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Added Value

A quick look at how the major league trade targets on the Nats changed their relative value for this last frenzied week since the break.

Pudge - DOWN - Supposedly killed his value with an injury that will sit him for weeks but in all honesty the guy was hitting an earned .214 / .276 / .325 this year. A solely defensive back-up catcher only has so much value to begin with.

Flores - DOWN - Wasn't hitting in the minors (.234 / .252 / .378) but got a chance in the majors anyway thanks to Pudge's injury. Now not hitting in the majors (.167 / .211 / .222)

Nix - DOWN - Achilles tendon and luck have combined for a bad 2nd half (.176 / .222 / .235 )

Desmond - STABLE - Actually average enough after the break thanks to some walks (.259 / .375 / .333) but not enough to turn around a terrible year. Plus some shaky games in the field

Bernadina - DOWN - Hard to be an enticing throw-in hitting .156 / .250 / .219 after the break.

Marquis - UP - Hit low point right before break since then 2 good games and one great one. Seemed to clear up any question if he can be a reliable innings eater.

Livan - STABLE - 2 down games, one up. Don't think it changed anyone's mind about Livan. That's who he is.

Clippard - UP - Blew one game but dominant in the others. Anyone looking hard to find flaws didn't see any.

Coffey - DOWN - Runs allowed in 3 of 4 appearances. Not hit hard so the decrease is slight but now just one of many when in Late June looked to be a top bargain hunt item for other teams.

Burnett - UP - Hard to believe but after the Braves outing Burnett has been solid and he hasn't given up a hit to a lefty which is what teams would be most interested in. But ERA makes it only a slight increase.

Slaten - STABLE - Hoped he could see some action by now, but still nothing. Still damaged goods.

This could be part of the reason things are so quiet around the Nats. Outside of a few guys their pieces haven't been making themselves more attractive. They didn't have impact players anyway so every step back means another handful of guys that are just as good and available. Clippard appears to be the most attractive chip but he's going to be played against the Padres relievers and Rizzo is apparently overvaluing Clippard (then again that kind of thinking did net him Ramos so what do I know).

I like Nix, Burnett, Marquis, and Clippard to go, but really it could go in any direction.


calindc said...

I hope Clippard is staying. I'm not sold on Storen or Hernandez, but the need for an everyday CF outweighs a middle reliever (even a reliable shutdown holder).

The nats already walked away from Upton discussion after they refused to give up Detwiler and Peacock. There aren't too many other options other than prospects and I absolutely hate trading proven big leaguers for a "it may work out". Maybe they should just go into next season and see how it plays out. Just deal with the hole and see what next year's FA's bring to the table. I don't know. I think I'm just rambling now.

bdrube said...

Clippard has to bring back the equivilent of Ramos or no go. He is at LEAST as valuable as Capps given that he hasn't even hit arbitration yet and is actually a better pitcher.

I noticed that Balestar got bombed for 7 runs and 8 hits in one IP last night. Our bullpen is thin right now. If Clippard goes, be prepared to lose a lot of games late the last two months.

Donald said...

Could someone remind me... how is Jesus Flores different from Will Nieves? I forget.

calindc said...

One is a "Pudge Rodriguez getting hurt again" from starting every 3 to 4 games, the other is Will Nieves.

Say what you will about his bat, but Pudge would not have dropped that ball.

bdrube said...

Flores was a very promising young player before he sustained that shoulder injury. I read somewhere that they don't actually expect his shoulder to be 100% until next year.

Thank goodness Rizzo pulled off the Ramos trade. With Derrick Norris struggling at AA this year we would still be deep in the hole, catching-wise.

Ollie said...

I too would hate to see Clippard go, though you have to pull the trigger if he's a key cog towards an everyday CF.

Count me amongst the folks who doesn't understand why they wouldn't say yes to including Detwiler in a trade for Upton. Peacock I get, but why wouldn't you try turning a guy who's essentially been a bust into an everyday player with the potential to be above average to great for the next 3-5 years? I gather he's probably not the main piece of the trade, but still why make Detwiler untouchable?

kick me in the GO NATS said...

Clippard is the key to our ability to win close games. I hope to god he stays. Anyone else in the bullpen could be traded if you ask me though.

We just traded to older but performing very well prospects to the reds for the useless Johnny Gomes. His career numbers against right handed pitchers is Desmond like or lower. And his glove is not bad but dreadful by any metric. So he is basically only useful as a platoon DH vs left handed pitching. Why would anyone trade for him?

kick me in the GO NATS said...

oh and although we are desperate for a CF, Upton would not be anywhere near my first choice. His numbers offensively and defensively have gone down several years in a row now, so I have no faith he will return to former glory. He is barely adequate right now and he hits in a major pitchers park built for his strengths. In our park I would not be shocked if his bat disappeared. Here are his numbers note he will finish the season with like 2.5 WAR playing full time injury free baseball: