Nationals Baseball: No Mo Chico!

Friday, July 22, 2011

No Mo Chico!

Oh no! You'll always live on in our memories. And here.

All is still quiet on the trading front. I'm not too concerned. Other than Beltran talk and what's going on with the Astros, things are relatively quiet all around. Still would rather hear something than nothing. We'll see.

As for the weekend, I think it's vaguely important the Nats take 2 of 3. Take less and the Nats will have their worst record since mid-June. It wouldn't be an insurmountable hole or anything, but you want to keep moving foward and that would be a step back.


Donald said...

More than wins, I just hope Werth hits well and shows that he's really breaking out of his funk. Of course, I'd like the wins too.

Mythical Monkey said...

Matt Chico always seemed like a nice guy, but looking back at his career stats, he was almost certainly nothing much more than one of those warm bodies Jim Bowden filled the roster with during the dark days of 2007 and 2008. Career stats of 7-15 win-loss, 4.95 era, 1.559 WHIP.

Even his best season, 2007 only looked good compared to the other guys on the staff: 7-9, 4.63 era, 1.539 WHIP. Remember that staff? Michael Bascik, Jason Simontacchi, Levale Speigner ... Nobody won ten, nobody lost ten, which I think is still some kind of a record.

Harper said...

Donald - that'd be nice. I guess I would take that over wins, but really that's something that we have to see over a long period of time, not just a series

Storied Simian - goes to show how far the Nats have come. Chico, a 28 yr old lefty, wasn't even worth keeping around as AAA organizational filler

JDBrew said...

It's a shame Chico never really pitched well. He did seem like a really good guy. He was the kinda guy that I really root for. Alot like lannan was in his gorse year or 2; he didn't really have very good stuff. He just seemed to keep the game in reach. He seemed like he was a just having one rrally good pitch away from being a solid pitcher. Lannan found his pitch with his sinker/2-seamer. Chico never found it. I wanted him to figure it out and post good numbers and end up in the bigs as like a 5th starter. I woulda liked that. Oh well...

On the trade front, it is seeming very quiet. Maybe it's because so many teams are in the hunt, but everything seems unusually quiet this year. Hopefully that means a big time deal is in the works. Like one to fetch a BJ Upton, or a Julio Borbon, or a Micheal Bourne. Something. I really hope that we don't just stand pat. The deadline's not far off. We gotta get something for our expiring contracts, vets, and maybe a couple mid-level prospects. I think it would be a tremendous mistake not to trade Nix, Coffey, and either Hernandez or Marquis. Nix's value could not be higher than right now, Marquis too. Heck, maybe trade back to Oakland and get willingham back. I heard he's available. Of course I'm not serious. But a package deal for Rasmus can't be out of the question. Even though I really feel he's about the same player as Espinosa just a different position, and a lot worse defensively. I'd take another Danny.

JDBrew said...

"...Lannan in his FIRST year or 2..." is what I meant. Stupid iPhone spell check. What's a Gorse?!

Donald said...

Brow'd he do that?!? Go, Lannan!

Harper said...

JDB - Chico was a product of the Nats system being terrible. He was not good but one of the best the Nats had in the intermediate years. It's telling that he got cut, both in how far the team has come and how much fans can make themselves think a guy could be good in the majors just because of his relative talent in an organization.

urban dictionary says a Gorse is half gay-man, half horse. Considering the page gave me no disgusting sex acts I'll accept that definition.

Donald - If someone gets on sign on the TV with that saying my life will be complete.