Nationals Baseball: Hey. At least Desmond got a hit, right?

Friday, July 08, 2011

Hey. At least Desmond got a hit, right?

These games happen. Once a year they happen, but they happen. Nothing to see - move on.

The Nats could have moved 3-games over for the first time all year. That's a nice number but not a big one historically thanks to last years hot start (20-15 in mid-May). Now 6 games over. That's the big hurdle. The Nats haven't had that two series cushion since Sept 16th 2005. Kids in Kindergarten weren't even born yet! (At least in the old days when parents didn't hold back every child until they were 6 because of "developmental" reasons. Pretty soon we'll hold them back until puberty. That kid will rock JV baseball then get leagally drunk after the game.)

Next up is the Rockies. Can the Nats keep their heads above .500 until the All-Star break ? I'm thinking not (I like 1 of 3 going to the Nats) but if I were to have given you .500 at the All-Star break at the beginning of the year you would have been stupid not to take it. Then we can get into fun trade talk! Let's all pray for a good Marquis start tonight so the Nats can clear up that spot for Peacock!


Donald said...

I think it's Lannan tonight and Marquis tomorrow, but there's a decent change of a rainout tonight so who knows.

Question -- who's the next pitcher brought up? Milone had a great night last night. Peacock looks awesome. And Wang is having really good rehab starts. Does it have to be Wang? Isn't there some rule about having 30 days from your first rehab to be back on the 25 man roster?

Sec 204 Row H Seat 7 said...

Rockies are on a losing streak and have a worse record than NATS. I think 2 out of 3 is doable here.

Yes, pray for a good Marquis start.

People claiming to know said at the beginning of Wang's rehab, that the NATS have until July 30 or 31 to make a decision. Because he is "out of options", Wang will either have to be brought up to bigs,put back on DL or released.

Hoo said...

Post has Maquis starting.

BTw, these games should happen about 1.3 to 1.4 times a year so it could happen again! Yeah.

I could see Wang getting some starts to showcase him. Then you can move Wang and/or Marquis. I think Dett should be in Cuse instead of clogging up the Bullpen.

In any case, the future is nice. It's real prospects like Milone/Peacock instead of the JD Martischicostammen parade. (that Said, JD is pitching well in Syracuse. Yeah for him! Have a soft spot for junk throwers like that)

Harper said...

donald - just going by the probables on

I got no idea. Milone is in AAA. Peacock projects the best. Wang is the veteran and needs an immediate look at because of his contract. So probably Wang.

sec204 - I think a sweep is doable. just going witha feeling.

calindc said...

It's Marquis on the mound tonight. Some sites may be off by one due to double header last weekend and subsequent Detwiler start a few days ago.

Crossing my fingers for a one-hitter by Marquis, so a few GM's look our way again in this low starting pitching market.

Anonymous said...

Johnson continues to disappoint me as a manager. As soon as he loaded the bases I assumed Livo was done (as he should have been). Then he has the brilliant idea to let Burnett pitch. Stop playing guys that are proven failures. Stairs, Ankiel, and Burnett have no business in the MLB, nevertheless getting solid playing time. This guy is making me lose confidence in this team. And I was an Expos fan...

calindc said...

And on queue, Lannan does pitch tonight

Alex said...

do you think the nationals would promote peacock straight to the majors from Double A?