Nationals Baseball: Monday Super Quickie

Monday, July 08, 2013

Monday Super Quickie

Swept the Padres! Won 4 in a row for the first time since early May!

The Nats should have gone 5-2 and they did. Didn't happen exactly like you'd expect but that's why you gotta wait these things out.

Next up? 7 game road trip. Phillies and the rejuvinated Marlins. (yes, they lost 3 in a row but it was in STL and they lost 4-1, 5-4 and 3-2).  I'm giving the Nats a modest goal of a 4-3 away stand. A split in Philadelphia and a series win in Miami is the most likely way it'll work out. That'll take the Nats to the All-Star Break with a record of 50-45. Not where they want to be but it'll the first time they've been 5 over since May 10th.

The Braves play the Marlins on the road and the Reds for 4 games at home.  Lets say the Marlins win that series (you'll get the benefit of the doubt Atlanta when you deserve it) and a split at home for a 3-4 game set. That would leave the Nats 3 games out at the break.

I wanted them to get to 4. Three would be great.  Three is a series away.

Before you get all super excited know that there are Braves fans sitting out there thinking "Man, we've played .500 ball since mid-April and we still have a 4 game lead".  That is the case you know, the Braves have been one game over .500 since starting 12-1 and their lead has gone from 4.5 games all the way to 4 games. It was a hole the Nats dug and they've just again reached level. DO NOT FALL BACK IN THAT HOLE. 

oh on Hairston - I said when looking back at the year that they should have signed a Hairston-type so you know I think it's the right move. Looking back we can say maybe it wouldn't have worked out but I would have loved to redo the first half of the year with Hairston taking ABs from Moore/Lombo in the OF.

Quick Note:

The pitching has not been good. It hasn't given up less than 4 runs in over a week. Which is fine when they are playing dregs that they can bomb. But coming up the Nats face Lannan (5.1 IP and 4 runs coming up), an improving Hamels and Cliff Lee. That could be trouble. Let's hope all those runs are from the Nats running out their B-Staff over and over, right?


Froggy said...

I agree with you that 'all those runs are from the the B-Staff' and Storen, AND soon to be giving up 4-6 runs tonight, Haren. (just shows how stubborn Rizzo is...this has GOT to be his last chance)

No thoughts Harper on making a bid for Garza?

A Fly Moses said...

Not sure how "stubborn" Rizzo's being this time around, given that Detwiler's also injured (and when he goes away from the secondary pitches entirely) equally ineffective). It's a lot harder to replace two guys internally than one.

On a side note, in addition to the rest of the NL East being terrible along with the Nats the last two months, so has the entire NL West. The upside being that they're 4 games back from the division, but also only 4 back of the second wild card, and don't have to jump anyone else in the process. So, they kind of have two shots at making up those 4 games now.

blovy8 said...

It'll be interesting to see if the Central catches that disease soon. It's hard for me to imagine two teams ending up over .600 there.

I don't know that Haren's results will be much different, but I honestly don't think he's done as a pitcher. Deserve's got nothin' to do with it.

Max said...

I have a gut feeling that Haren will pitch decently (keeps the ball down in the zone)and, because it's his first time back on the mound, Davey gets him out before he hits that wall he always hits. So maybe 5IP with 2-3 runs. Jussst good enough to keep in Rizzo's head that he's good enough to stay on the team (of course with Det being hurt, I'm not sure what else he can do at this moment). Hopefully we'll find some sort of replacement by the trade deadline, but I just don't see it. I especially don't see them going after Garza...

Eric said...

Hopefully Haren really did have shoulder fatigue/dead arm and we'll see a very different pitcher than we saw for most of the season so far. If the Haren who pitched in Baltimore, LA, etc. shows up even 50% of his remaining starts, that would be at least tolerable. Especially if the team-wide slump is really over and we just have to deal with a player or two skidding at any given time going forward.

bdrube said...

It figures that as soon as the offense comes back to life we have to start worrying about the pitching. The Nats have to hope that Haren bounces back and becomes something resembling an average MLB starter again since it is beginning to look like a lost season for Detwiler--whom I've never really been sold on given his very Lannan-esque career stats.

Hopefully, Mattheus and Garcia will be ready soon to give them some bullpen options.

Wally said...

Best Nats trade = Capps for Ramos??!@#!,

What, did you forget about Stanton for Shairon Martis?

Harper said...

Froggy / AFM / blovy / Max - yeah it's not so much Haren has earned his way back as it is they need an arm, they are paying this guy and they don't have anything much better. This will be a good test of Haren going foward. Haren had HR issues. CBP is home friendly and the Phils power is all from the left-side Brown, Utley, Howard. I think first time through will look good and then the bombs start dropping but like Max said - quick hook. If he can avoid walks and other hits I can see 4 1/3-5 1/3 with 3 runs or so.

Froggy - formulating. I've always wanted Price though that would take Rendon or a truckload of the Nats not quite right pitching prospects

AFM - Yep the difference being that for the division title though the Phillies are the only outside challengers and no one believes in them. for the WC you've got the odd man out of the competant D-backs and the resurgent Dodgers fighting for a spot too. Nats have an edge but more of a challenge I think.

blovy8 - I think Haren has a 2nd act too. Just not convinced it's this year. If he can figure it out in a couple weeks, god bless him but I feel he needs an offseason.

Max - I don't see Garza either. I don't see anything outside of an innings eater they can grab for cheap. No reason to deal anything worthwhile for anyone that's not a difference maker

Eric - A lot of hope is wrapped up into this start. A bad one and there are two SP that need to be filled for the time being. Does Jordan keep doing ok? Who's next up?

bdrube - its always something. Except for last year when it was literally nothing.

Wait, I thought Garcia was going to be a great starter! (insert "told them so" emoticon)

Wally - That's probably closer than you think. As far as deadline deals go the Nats have not done much of note. The deal that brought in Ryan Mattheus is Top 5.

WiredHK said...

Small note, Ryan Howard is on the DL and won't play in this series, Harper. So, that's good (though with Haren tonight it may not matter, ugh).

And, what, no commentary on the latest Boz article today? :)

Froggy said...

"...If he can avoid walks and other hits I can see 4 1/3-5 1/3 with 3 runs or so..."

Hahaha...3 runs (or so) is a good inning with Haren!

It comes down to us getting one or two touchdowns ahead as to whether he stays in past 2 innings.

Ashley Jacob said...

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Froggy said...

I can admit when I was wrong...only 2 runs.

Regardless it was his 10th loss. 10 out of 14 decisions have resulted in losses. They really should move Haren to the pen as middle releiver and promote Ohlendorf to starter.

Christina said...

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