Nationals Baseball: Sweep the Marlins

Friday, July 12, 2013

Sweep the Marlins

Hey, it worked last weekend.

See ya Monday

3 games out : This team is finally doing it! I'm taking off October!
4 games out : Ok, I'm cautiously optimistic the Nats are poised for a 2nd half push.
5 games out : When's the next Braves series because I'm not buying anything until after that.
6 games out : Welcome back to early May. This team is going nowhere.
7 games out : OK so how far are they from the WC now?
8 games out : Ready to call this a season.
9 games out : BLOW THIS TEAM UP!


cass said...

This team obviously is missing something and what it's missing is obviously Jim Riggleman. Davey needs to go.

Chaz R said...

Good grief... the inconsistency is driving me to drink. I will be checking into the Betty Ford Clinic after this season.

What the heck is wrong with these guys? There is clearly a lingering problem. As Ray Knight said after last night's debacle- "something has to change"

BlueLoneWolf said...

Their problem is their at bats are terrible and they don't seem to 'get it'. They don't foul off pitches, they swing at everything in or out of the strike zone, they don't walk, they don't look at the ball, they hit fielders all the time.

They're snakebit and the hitting coach obviously isn't doing his job in getting them to make proper adjustments. It's also an organizational issue- they're promoting and drafting poor hitting ethos. Between that and shitty luck, they're just a terrible offensive team.

Froggy said...

It's funny you would say that Cass as I was thinking last night how it seems like we get out coached every night. Seems like if we are behind going into the 8th and 9th Davey just says swing away and try to be the hero instead of getting guys on base and trust the guy behind you.

Ok, I'll say it: Hey Mr Future Hall of Fame Coach we need base runners to score r u n s!

Oh and what is up with Mr Windmill Jewitt? He sends runners who get crushed and holds runners who could walk in.

Clip&Store said...

Well, this isn't happening

Froggy said...

The Marlins? Are you kiding me? We straight up suck.

曾奕剴 said...

Harper,how do you think about Rick Eckstein ? Do you think to fire Eck will solve the hitting problem?

Anonymous said...

Major-league hitting coaches don't really matter. They may fire Eckstein just to show they take their terrible offense seriously, but don't expect it to make a difference.

Anonymous said...

This team has no heart. It's sad to watch them get outplayed by an inferior team like the Marlins. Is is possible to bench everyone, and run a lineup of players who actually give a crap?

Kenny B. said...

I don't think firing Eck actually does anything but send a signal. I think they should do it just because a team that underperforms this badly needs a ritual firing.

You can't fire Davey because he's Davey. It shouldn't be McCatty because he's done fairly well (but seriously, the relievers walking the first batter has been a major issue all season and I can't believe he hasn't gotten the pitchers to make adjustments on that front).

It has to be Eckstein. This perpetual "be aggressive" mantra I keep hearing is clearly not working. Don't be aggressive, be patient. What's the worst that could happen? You can't actually get worse that you are right now!

Massive frustration. When you can't even win a good Haren start against Marlins pitching, your team is doomed to obscurity. This team will finish within a game or two of the Phillies in either a distant second or even third place, and at least 4 games out of the wild card. That's the team we've been watching all season.

Anonymous said...

can we get an article on the soriano and his mediocre performance given his large contract. or the bullpen in general?

Chantal said...