Nationals Baseball: Sweep the Padres

Friday, July 05, 2013

Sweep the Padres

That's the job the Nats left for themselves to get to 5-2 for the homestand. The Padres are in a tailspin so it's certainly not as hard a job as it may a look 10 days ago. But there you go. Meanwhile the good ol' "We're great at home! Oh wait, did we just drop a series to the Marlins"* Braves continue to flounder just as badly as the Nats have. They have a road stretch right now which should be trouble for them because they are bad away from home. But we'll see. This season hasn't exactly gone as planned.


Nothing new here. When Rob Neyer tried to make it out that he could be a steal by another team to close, I pointed out that while he may have been a bit unlucky you couldn't just dismiss that HR/FB rate jump.  That had been more about bad pitching than bad luck. And here we are.

Whatever is wrong with the kid right now, head or body, he can't be trusted in any sort of high leverage situation. Yesterday it was fine bringing him in, even fine leaving him in after the Betancourt HR, but once that tying run could come to the plate you had to pull him because of his HR issues. That's where we are now with Drew. He can't pitch in a situation where the tying run would be at the plate. Not right now.

Do I trade him? Well you could make him part of a deal, yes. The pen looks better situated than it has in the past. But if you are thinking the Nats can take their damaged goods like Espy and Drew and turn it into a good 5th starter, you are mistaken.


He's been fine. The lack of K's concern me because it means his game is going to be all wrapped up in how many GBs does he get and does he get lucky with where they are hit. It's the same sort of game Detwiler throws and you've seen how that has worked out recently.  Not that you can't have a guy like that as a #4/#5 guy but this team right now needs something better to try to close the gap. 

Can I say that I'm really up for that Marquis vs ZNN match-up? Crush that guy.

*Since July 5th the Nats have the 2nd best record in the NL East. That's the good news. The bad news is that it's only 14-12. Basically a month has passed by since the top 4 teams in the NL East have shown themselves to be anything but mediocre. The best record in that period? The Marlins who have gone 16-8. The Marlins! I feel like I should be Revenge of the Nerds John Goodmanning over here.

On Opening Day, your fans looked down and had one hope. That you finish the season division champions. And here you are getting shown up by the Marlins. THE MARLINS! Well if I were you I'd do something about it.


d28 said...

PLEASE sweep the Padres!

DezoPenguin said...

The good news: Gio/Znn/Stras.

More good news: Ramos, Harper both back, so the lineup is at full strength (if we're counting Rendon as full strength, and he's basically going to be the guy for the rest of the year unless the bat dies an ugly death).

I really wish Drew hadn't had such a horrid series, not just because of the game it cost us, but because its drama put a solid nail into the coffin of being able to convince some relief-deprived team that he's a Proven Closer just ready and waiting for them. He's officially damaged goods now, and damaged goods do not bring back a major haul.

(Pipe dream trade of the week: Rendon or Espi, Storen, Moore, and Ross to the Phillies for Utley and Cliff Lee. Hey, they signed Delmon and Michael Young both and gave them starting jobs; it's entirely possible Amaro is just that dumb.)

Chaz R said...

Good stuff, Harper. What the heck is the matter with Bryce??? We were all excited about getting him back in the lineup and providing a shot in the arm to our anemic offense. The HR in his first at bat was incredibly exciting and validating. Since that moment, his bat has been absent. Thank god for Zim and Desi.

Froggy said...

I wish Espi was doing better down in Syracuse to shop as well. But probably not that many teams looking for a .133 hitting AAA 2b/ss.

I think we shop Storen and see what interest might or might not be out there. How about Storen for Morse?

Anonymous said...

Harper, you have to admit the Marlins winning two of three in Atlanta was a nice bonus.

Zimmerman11 said...

Let's get this guy :)

Best Batting Stance Ever!

Froggy said...

You called it Harper. Really fun series to watch and so great to have Ramos (aka: the Buffalo) back!

Tyler Moore on the other hand, has G O T to go.

Sec 204 Row H Seat 7 said...

Sweep accomplished. Storen did well. Stammen in a bit of a slump. Streak killer Harren starts tomorow. The guy who would have been better starts for the Phils. Let's hope the LINEUP clubs him and NATS go 5 in a row.

Booyah Suckah! said...

I know it's a little late, but remember the other day when everyone in the comments was wailing about how pitcher wins is a terrible, terrible stat? If you didn't agree then, just look to this weekend. Twice we had gems thrown by starters who ended up with no-decisions because relievers blew their leads. Both times, those relievers (Storen on the first one and Ohlendorf on the second one) ended up getting the win after the offense bailed them out in the next half-inning. Crazy. What a stupid stat.

blovy8 said...

Hairston. Well, there's your Gomesesque bench pick up, Harper.

Froggy said...
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Froggy said...

Hairston is a good defender and might fair better than the Shark at the plate.

But I was more hoping we would deal for Garza instead.

BenDen said...

@blovy & @froggy

Think Hairston is a solid pickup. Only slight against him during his regular days was that he swung too much. Always was an effective pinch hitter.

Journeyman clubhouse personality, viable glove, strong ISO numbers. Looks to be a perfect bench pickup.

To froggy's post - I don't think he'll replace shark, Moore will likely be sent back down giving us two l/r outfield options on the bench still.

Froggy said...

BenDen~ you are right, I should have said Moore. ANYbody will be better than Moore!