Nationals Baseball: 2004

Monday, November 22, 2004

It's official!

The cat is out of the bag and it's name is "National" Unfortunately the cat had been in the bag so long it died. RIP National, you were my best friend.

If the uniforms are anything like the logo, prepared to be bored. The biggest surprise is that then went with Red, Blue, and Gold instead of Red, White and Blue. Shocking change of accent color, Bowd-man! There is nothing in this logo that identifies the capitol, nor any link to the past. It could be from any city. In fact - take the names out and compare it to the Yankees logo (the one with the top hat) and tell me which you think is from DC? Of course that might be more of a dig at the Yankees logo, but at least that one looks good.

The MLB website for the Nats features a interlocking "DC" in the header which I have to believe is going to be a breast pocket thing for the home unis. That could be ok. Sort of Detroit classy if done right. (rather than Cincinnati dumb looking)

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

coming soon

it's coming soon. I don' t know how to be more clear.